New Swiss / Kenyan hospitality college all ready for launch


(Posted 15th May 2015)

Next Saturday, 23rd of May, will all the newly signed up students of Eastern Africa’s latest and arguably best addition to the region’s hospitality and tourism training colleges, the Boma International Hospitality College | In Partnership with Alpine Center, be inducted into their courses. This is the inaugural intake of what promises to become one of Eastern Africa’s most sought after hands on vocational and tertiary institutions of its kind, made possible by the unique partnership forged between Boma Hotels and Alpine Center of Switzerland.

Certificate and diploma courses, lasting between one and two years each, are on offer for a range of functions in the hotel industry and over and above that is Alpine Center offering one of their advanced diploma courses for hospitality management, which will take three years to complete.

According to information available there has been a notable rush of students previously studying in other such institutes, who had come to realize that apart from fancy brochures and glitzy websites there was not much substance where it was needed, i.e. in the classrooms and in the practical applications studies, asking to join the new college, besides school leavers seeking a career in an industry where job opportunities are now a worldwide option, with many Kenyans now working as expatriates in the Gulf countries and even on major cruise ships.

Courses will officially commence on Monday 25th of May and from personal inspection of the facilities it is clear that all systems are showing green lights for launch. From this correspondent, whose last public service appointment was as Chairman of Uganda’s national hotel and tourism training institute in Jinja, it is best wishes to the students for their studies and the management of the college towards a smooth operation and a full house of trainees.

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