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Courtesy of Jake Grieves – Cook and Porini Camps / Gamewatcher Safaris, here are some thrilling pictures and articles, highlighting some of Kenya’s best locations …

An update from Porini Safari Camps

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Here in Kenya the rainy season has come to an end and life is returning to the plains. Animals great and small are emerging to enjoy the fresh vegetation and lush green landscape.

Our Porini Camps in Selenkay Conservancy (Amboseli), in Ol Pejeta Conservancy (Laikipia) and in Ol Kinyei and Olare Motorogi Conservancies (Maasai Mara) recently re-opened, and we thought you’d enjoy some of the wonderful images that have been captured on the first game drives of this season.

Guest Malcolm Tetley stayed at the Porini Safari Camps and took these beautiful images of Big Cats in and around our Conservancies:

Malcolm said, "… just returned from the best ever holiday of my life, and I’m 67! Stayed at Porini Amboseli, Rhino, and Lion Camps, absolutely wonderful, and had the best game viewing ever in all three camps."
Big Cats near Porini Safari Camps by Malcolm Tetley, June 2016
fbe438cc-6510-4d22-888a-2e0ca366eed4.jpg S.gif
Elephants near Porini Mara Camp S.gif

Guests staying at Porini Mara Camp are seeing large numbers of elephants present in the Ol Kinyei Conservancy at the moment – this image was taken by guest Nirmalya Banerjee.

The Director of the Mara Elephant Project commented after monitoring Ol Kinyei Conservancy recently: "This is a truly special place for elephants".

Ol Kinyei was the first Conservancy set up in the Mara following the model which we pioneered: on land leased from individual families to be set aside for wildlife with a strict limit on tourism density.

49fa48fe-1c5e-40be-a3a9-1d868dbf3c40.jpg S.gif
Lolparpit near Porini Lion Camp S.gif

On his first game drive this season, our Head Guide at Porini Lion Camp, Jackson Saiyalel, sighted "Lolparpit" – one of the pride males in Olare Motorogi Conservancy.

Regular Porini guests will be pleased to see that he’s looking in good shape.

S.gif 0dec8c2a-8f4c-4246-babd-189c8b67a67c.jpg
S.gif Sub-Adults of Enkoiyanai pride

Meanwhile, Porini Lion Camp guests observed two sub-adult male lions of the Enkoiyanai pride in Olare Motorogi Conservancy trying to catch a warthog in the long grass.

The warthog had luck on its side and it managed to escape down an Aardvark burrow.

S.gif 8a65d5ac-4940-479b-9e63-3bff9aedeb18.jpg
S.gif Elephants in Selenkay, June 2016

At Porini Amboseli Camp guests have also been enjoying fruitful game drives and guided walks seeing a broad range of wildlife species in Selenkay Conservancy – as well as the stunning views of Mt Kilimanjaro of course!

This image by our Porini guide Daniel Mpararia shows some of the elephants of Selenkay.

Research involving elephant tracking and studies of their behaviour has shown that the herds feel safe within the protected Conservancy (read more on this in our blog – click here).

S.gif e48867f7-8dcd-4c49-9f31-5f215265abf9.jpg
S.gif Benjamin meets Ringo

And Benjamin Sakita, Head Guide at Porini Rhino Camp in Ol Pejeta Conservancy, has been to meet "Ringo" – a hand-reared white rhino calf which was abandoned by its mother at birth and is now doing well.

Ringo was named after Beatles’ drummer Ringo Starr who has been speaking out against rhino poaching.

Guests at Porini Rhino Camp have the opportunity to visit Ringo at his feeding time and learn more about Rhino Conservation – click here for more details.

White Rhino near Porini Rhino Camp S.gif
White Rhino in Ol Pejeta S.gif

Later, as he was heading back to Porini Rhino Camp, Benjamin saw this magnificent white rhino in Ol Pejeta Conservancy.

Ol Pejeta is a 90,000 acre conservancy which is home to an amazing variety of wildlife including the World’s last three remaining Northern White Rhino.

We’ll keep you updated throughout the season with more news and images, and we hope to welcome you to Kenya very soon.

Best wishes,


Jake Grieves-Cook
Gamewatchers Safaris & Porini Camps

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