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March/April 2018 update from NRT
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Mar/ April 2018

A Note from the CEO, Tom Lalampaa

Dear ATC Readers,

The rains have blessed the northern rangelands once again. I’ve watched the seasons change here since I was a young boy, but it still amazes me how quickly the dusty, desperate plains transform into a rich green landscape, brimming with life.

Indeed, there is change all around. I am thrilled to have been appointed as the next CEO of NRT by the Board. I take over from Mike Harrison, who leaves me to run a very different organisation from the one he started with six years ago. NRT has grown significantly in size, stature, professionalism and impact over this period, and Mike now continues as Director of Sustainability, while I look forward to being supported in my new role by a very strong senior management team, our many partners in the field, in donor agencies, in County Governments and around the world.

I hope you enjoy our March/ April digest, thank you for your continued support.




tom_KWCA.jpg?format=750w Kenya Wildlife Conservancies Association 3rd Annual Conservancy Leaders Conference

On the 27th March, conservancy leaders from across 28 Kenyan counties met to discuss the current status and future of conservancies. Read more

elmi.png?format=750w NRT Board Chairman appointed Chief Administrative Secretary for Ministry of Environment

Hon. Mohammed Elmi "extremely honoured" to have been appointed the role by President Kenyatta. Read more

Songa.jpg?format=750w Songa community rescue their rangers

Members of Songa Conservancy have voted to share borehole water with scouts, after burst tanks left taps at the headquarters dry. Read more

USAID.png?format=750w U.S Ambassador visits Ruko Conservancy

On the 22nd February 2018, Ruko Community Conservancy welcomed the outgoing United States Ambassador to Kenya Robert Godec. Read more

hirola.png?format=750w Life at the Ishaqbini water holes

To monitor the world’s most endangered antelope, San Diego Zoo have sponsored motion-sensor cameras that can send real-time images to rangers, management, vets and scientists direct from the Ishaqbini Sanctuary. Flick through

warriors.png?format=750w Swapping conflict for credit and savings – nurturing entrepreneurs in the remote north

NRT Trading’s Savings & Credit Cooperative aims to mobilise young men to save and borrow money for investment in small businesses. Read more


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