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April 2015

We hope you enjoy receiving news from us.

April showers are bringing a new vibrancy to the landscape at Campi ya Kanzi. The Chyulu Hills grow greener every day, and Mount Kilimanjaro is often capped with snow. We are very busy preparing for our grand air safari in May, which will take guests to fifteen spectacular destinations in eight different countries. Read on to learn about our recent news and award nominations!

Table of Contents
The Safety of a Safari in Kenya
Photo Highlights from Campi ya Kanzi
Award Nominations
Visit from the 7MML Travel Team
Epic Air Safari 2015
The Safety of a Safari in Kenya
A Note from Campi ya Kanzi Founder Luca Belpietro

Can it be "business as usual" after the Al-Shabaab attack at Garissa University College?

Can you still consider Kenya as a holiday destination?

My answer is a no to the "business as usual" question and a loud YES as to the safety of coming on safari with us.
What is meaningful for a conservationist like me is that conservation needs tourism. What is even more significant is that hundreds of thousands Kenyans depend economically on tourism. And most substantially of all, if we want our children to be able to enjoy lions and elephants in the Maasai wilderness when they have their children, we must act now. Act by saying no to "business as usual," and support Kenya with tourism. Act by understanding that YES, a safari here is safe.

Why? Here are three direct reasons:

  • Our Maasai reservation is fifteen miles from Tanzania. It would take a two-day journey to get to the areas near the Somali border.
  • Your hosts here are the 15,000 Maasai landlords, who are directly supported by your visit. Their children go to school, their sick get medical assistance, and their livestock are protected and compensated for when predated thanks to your $101 conservation fee.
  • We employ 101 Maasai rangers, making this paradise on Earth probably much safer than your home is, given the madness of today’s world.

This is the image I would like you to think of when considering a safari at Campi ya Kanzi:

Parashi in January 2014 holding hands with 5-year-old Mia Camargo from Colombia

Or ponder these by our friend Nicola Tonolini:

Smiling Maasai children
Jumping Maasai warriors
Preening Maasai warriors

Or contemplate this stunning view of Mount Kilimanjaro:

The spectacular vista from the Chyulu Hills

Choose Kenya for your coming holiday. Choose the community-based Campi ya Kanzi for your safari. It will be one of the most serene trips you ever have.

Let me end with a quote, received today, from a guest of ours, Barbara Stoddard: "I would never have forgiven myself if I had let the media headlines rob me of my experience in Kenya. I wish that other travelers felt the same way".

Photo Highlights from Campi ya Kanzi

As photos speak louder than words, here are some images to tempt you to visit sooner! Thanks to head guide Stefano Ricci for these fantastic pictures.

Playful elephant at Umani Springs
Young yellow baboon on its mother’s back
Giraffe crossing the plains in front of Mount Kilimanjaro
Close-up of a cape buffalo
Exquisite Kilimanjaro sunset
Award Nominations

Campi ya Kanzi is honored to be nominated for three We Are Africa Innovation Awards!
A panel of African tourism experts has selected our camp as a semi-finalist in the Engage Africa and Conserve Africa categories and has shortlisted Luca Belpietro in the Shape Africa category. We look forward to the award ceremony in Cape Town in May.


Campi ya Kanzi has also been nominated for a World Travel Award for Africa’s Leading Eco-Lodge. Award winners are determined by travel industry professionals and the general public through online voting. We would greatly appreciate your support! Please cast your vote for Campi ya Kanzi at


Visit from the 7MML Travel Team

In March, Campi ya Kanzi was pleased to welcome a team of five Italians who are driving across Africa for 7 Mila Miglia Lontano’s "Around the World" charity travel expedition. The group included photographers, a videographer, and a journalist who are documenting their journey from South Africa to Ethiopia as they raise money for humanitarian aid. Six other teams are completing similar excursions on the other continents, each trip spanning 7,000 miles (or 7 mila miglia). To learn more, visit

The 7MML team with Parashi in front of snow-capped Kilimanjaro
Epic Air Safari 2015
In just three weeks, we will take off on our great air adventure to Namibia and back. We will visit: the migration in the Serengeti, the chimps in Mahale, beautiful Kaya Mawa on lake Malawi, charming Royal Chundu at Victoria Falls, the rich wildlife of Etosha, the wild Serra Cafema, the breathtaking Skeleton Coast, the sandy Namib Rand desert, the Okavango delta, the wild Mana Pools, off-the-beaten-track Liwonde park in Malawi, the exclusive Vamizi Island in Mozambique, the beautiful Ruaha in Tanzania, the Robinson Crusoe island of Mnemba, and, of course, the vast wilderness of Campi ya Kanzi. The trip will cover nearly 7,000 miles. Check out the map below!

If can follow our flying on our blog, if you like

It’s too late to join us for this year’s air safari, but please contact bookings if you would like to take this spectacular journey in 2016.


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