News Update – Fairmont Kenya Hotels to participate in WWF’s ‘Earth Hour’


Fairmont’s Kenyan properties will join their global colleagues on the 26th of March at 20.30 hrs (08.30 p.m.) to honour the World Wildlife Fund’s request to reduce energy consumption in a bold visible action.

The Kenyan properties of Fairmont, most notably The Norfolk Hotel and the Mount Kenya Safari Club, will go ‘candle light’ for one hour, although especially in the city hotel the emergency lighting on fire exits and other crucial points will remain on, to ensure that safety standards are not compromised. Guests will be advised by hotel management of the annual initiative and be asked too to observe the WWF sponsored initiative which will unfold across the globe.

Supporting such initiatives turns the spotlight to the ever rising energy consumption and the options individuals and companies actually have to play a part in reducing their own levels of electricity usage, by switching equipment from ‘standby mode’ to actual ‘off mode’, introducing energy saving state of the art domestic and industrial equipment like fridges, flat irons, toasters and a range of other electricity guzzlers, and turning lights off unless they are absolutely necessary. This will help save energy and will also be making a positive impact on the bills at the end of each month.

Thank you for participating