News update – TANESCO under fire from hospitality businesses


The present increased ‘load-shedding’ in Tanzania has been blamed by sections of the country’s hospitality sector on ‘lack of forward planning’ and ‘excessive bureaucracy’. ‘The dwindling reserves in our hydro power dams was known for a while and overdue repairs and lack of maintenance causes turbines to break down which could give us electricity. Someone in TANESCO should be held accountable for this. We hear they only now are making preparations to get fuel for a thermal back up power plant? How can that be, those responsible should be sacked and replaced by more diligent staff’ said a regular source from the hotel sector in Tanzania before adding ‘if they know that the country only generates two thirds’ of its daily demand, why not act on it. This is not new, we had droughts before, lack of rain to fill the reservoirs, but still this continues and we in private sector pay the price. We spend a lot of money to run our own generators when power goes off. It is crippling us financially. Let government bring in more privately owned thermal plants and give us a tax break on the diesel we use for our generators because this situation cannot continue’.

The medium and long term forecast of meteorologists across Eastern Africa is not looking too promising at present, as parts of the region are already in drought conditions, likely causing harvest failures and a substantial shortfall of food production, besides failing to refill the dams of hydro power stations with water.


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  1. lol one would be naive to think heads would roll. this has been on going saga for 1/4 of century. time to really change gov