News update – Tanzania planning special activities for 50th Independence anniversay in December


The TTB is reportedly planning a series of events for the tourism industry in the run up to the 09th December, which will mark the half century of Independence for East Africa’s largest country.

The various events will cover every aspect the tourism sector touches in its regular workings, and dedicated celebrations but also workshops, meetings and commemorations of the achievements over the years will be highlighted in coming months.

Tanzania was the first of the East African countries to attain independence from Britain in 1961 and has remarkable been spared of civil strife as a result of founding father Mwalimu Julius Nyerere instilling the sense of nationhood above the sense of the various tribes, whereas in many other African countries tribalism eventually became the bane of nationhood.

It is expected that a series of commemorative postal stamps will be introduced and guidebooks and publicity material be re-published for the occasion, allowing visitors to purchase mementos of the half century year.

Tanzania is globally known for Mt. Kilimanjaro but also for the national parks across the country, and inspite of the current threats to several of them remains one of the leading safari destinations from across the world. Once more details of the planned programmes and events become available, particulars will be published here, so watch this space.