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June 2015

Inspiring Warriors to Conserve Lions

In northern Kenya, Samburu warriors have long seen lions as their enemies. When lions attacked peoples’ livestock, it was up to the warriors to respond, and that often meant killing lions in retaliation. But that’s now changing.

In the latest National Geographic Cat Watch blog, we describe the new trend where we work: engaging warriors to see lions as a valued asset, rather than pests to be eradicated. Our Warrior Watch team is working with their own communities to reduce human-lion conflict and protect lions like Naramat who has just given birth!

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9541988c-5199-43fc-88d0-4dea4b2aa2e8.jpgBaby Elephant Video Goes Viral

Whilst out in the field looking for lions, we came across two baby elephants who were really enjoying the recent rains. We filmed them frolicking in the mud and shared the video online. It soon went viral, getting nearly 2 million views on our Facebook page! If you missed it, click through and get ready to smile.

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98c7ba14-3819-4739-939f-b8409847d5ec.jpg60 New Desks Donated to Local School

Ewaso Lions formed a creative partnership with Lorubae Primary School. We provided 60 brand new desks in exchange for pledge by the students’ parents not to graze livestock in the National Reserves nearby.

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b2e29dcf-2716-4e72-9b31-bfa7c5157f21.jpgRunning For Lions 6

Dozens of community members participated in the 6th annual Running for Lions race in northern Kenya. Five years ago, Ewaso Lions conceived the race as a way to bring together the local community under the banner of conservation, to create unity, and have fun. Starting this year, Running for Lions is now a 100% community-owned event, organized and hosted by Westgate Community Conservancy.

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e95201ce-8e0a-48e2-9dc0-f65dcab38dd8.jpgLoads of New Wildlife Videos

Come visit our YouTube page, where we’ve been posting a lot of great wildlife videos.

  • The rare event of a lion killing a leopard cub
  • Camera traps catch bushbabies jumping around camp
  • Wild dogs wake up from a nap and start playing

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