#Nigeria announces Visa on Arrival for African citizens


(Posted 16th October 2017)

In line with demands made by leading travel and tourism bodies across Africa, including Nigeria’s Ikechi Uko’s campaign to lift Visa requirements for Africans traveling across the continent, has Nigeria now given indication that this may soon become reality for African citizens wishing to travel to Nigeria.While the Seychelles require no Visa whatsoever from any nationality has Rwanda two years ago started to offer Visa on arrival for citizens of African Union member states and earlier this year did Ghana follow suit.
Now, and this move is expected to prod other key African nations in to action, has Nigeria followed suit, penetrating the Berlin Walls many African countries had erected against travelers from fellow African nations.
Said a regular contributor from Kenya: ‘It is hard to imagine that tourists from Europe, parts of Asia and North America often find it easier to get Visa on arrival, or even Visa free access to African countries, compared to us Africans ourselves. We still have to apply to many diplomatic missions, or worse, the hated Visa Agencies, in writing with pictures and all sorts of other back up information and at considerable expense. I applaud Nigeria’s move but also challenge African countries to completely lift Visa requirements when our citizens want to travel on the continent. Travel would begin to boom and the benefits would be massive‘.
Valid points and part of the Vision 2063 of the African Union, except, who will want to wait for that date to come knocking when people want to travel freely NOW.

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