No 332 Wildlife Trade News 12th February 2015

Your daily dose of bad news, about

poaching, wildlife and environmental crimes

from around the world

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ZIMBABWE Govt accused of inflating jumbo population. EXTRACTS. “A transparent audit hasn’t been done since 1997.’ ( Therefore, a breach of the CITES Convention?)

“We know from past experience that baby elephants seldom survive when they are sent to a foreign country. In 2012/2013, eight elephants were sent to China and it has been reported that only one has survived and that one is not in a healthy condition. They are housed in bare cells with cement floors and very little vegetation. Sometimes the weather is below freezing and they cannot tolerate that,”

In a separate letter directed to the Chinese Ambassador to the USA, Zhang Yesui, 37 veterinarians, scientists, conservationists and animal care and welfare professionals from across the world under the organisation, Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) have urged the Chinese government to cancel any remaining order for elephants from Zimbabwe and refrain from future imports of wild caught animals from any country.,+experts/news.aspx

No 332 Wildlife Trade News 12th February 2015

Northern province sells rescued wildlife to restaurants, angers environmentalists. VIETNAM

Vietnamese authorities attempt to sell endangered pangolins


Non-active Riau governor faces 20 years for bribery. INDONESIA – See more at:

China and India perform badly in deforestation ranking

Illegal logging contributed to deadly Malaysian floods, according to government minister

NGO Global Witness hits back at ministry. CAMBODIA

Three CAMBODIAN loggers thought to have been killed by Thai forces, police say.

Next Generation Conservation: Planning for Palm Oil and Orang-utans

White House aims to cut wildlife trafficking. (NA comment: More talk? They could start by banning the sale of ivory in America; do you agree? How about implementing the Lacey Act – or is that another feel-good work of fiction?)

Elephant deaths in Mali blamed on poaching by extremist groups. (NA comment: which country is buying the ivory? If there was no demand there would be no slaughter, would there? Do you see the known ivory importing countries doing anything to dissuade the ivory trade in their respective countries? How about China – by far the biggest importer – have you seen any government backed high profile campaigns? Do you see any chance of sanctions from CITES, or must more elephants be slaughtered in the name of political correctness?)

Elephant patrols seek to protect Indonesia’s rainforests

Dak Lak Works Hard For Wild Elephant Preservation. VIETNAM

Police investigating elephant poachers in Riau. INDONESIA

Arrested poachers killed six Sumatran elephants: police

Shoot-at-sight urged to stop rhino poaching. INDIA

Reason why poachers don’t give a damn: Wildlife Dept seen as lame duck. SABAH/MALAYSIA (NA comment: we have been saying this for years; now will the SABAH government (Masidi Manjun) listen and act responsibly for once?) –

Banteng next on extinction list after rhino in Sabah/MALAYSIA?
Read more:

Trackers hunt down rhino poachers. SOUTH AFRICA

Chinkara, GIB & peacock poaching continue unabated in Rajasthan

Kenya partners with conservation firms to curb poaching

How women activists are saving forests in Himalayan terrain

These Celebrities Are Speaking Up For Elephants, so we Don’t Lose Them Forever

South Africa: Molewa Finally Accedes to DA Pressure On Rhino Trade Committee

More Timber Licensing Would Be Catastrophic for Forest, Group Warns. CAMBODIA

Have your say on sale of rhino horn. SOUTH AFRICA

Swedish wildlife extinction threat as loggers clear-cut ‘old growth’ forests

Riau police arrest ivory hunters. INDONESIA

Africa: Poaching is Not the Biggest Problem

Stolen Millions: Africa on Big Hunt for Illegal Deposits

WWF collaborating with FSB to combat Russia’s illegal loggers – See more at:

Officials Suspect Poaching at Turtle Site. VIRGIN ISLANDS

Trawler plying thru’ Sundarbans banned

More work needed to stop deforestation

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