No 353 Wildlife Trade News 11th March 2015

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Empty the Cages! Photos Show the Suffering of 80 Wild-Caught Baby Elephants in Zimbabwe



The Chinese CITES officials who have approved this trade are:

led by: Mr Wan Ziming, Director. Remember … when you see him at the next conference, tell him what YOU think about this cruel trade – you could also ask him about the 200 or so chimpanzees he approved the import of from West Africa.

No 353 Wildlife Trade News 11th March 2015

Botswana will this month host two international meetings on elephant poaching and the illegal wildlife trade in Africa, Environment and Tourism Minister Tshekedi Khama said on Tuesday.(NA comment: Does anyone know how much the meeting in London cost? Probably hundreds of thousands of dollars. Does anyone recall a single thing achieved at the London conference – other than sightseeing?)

If you are going to the Botswana Conference(s) spare a thought for those who really are trying to save wildlife.

Left: Life for guards with no pay protecting tigers in India – while many conference attendees travel Business Class, stay in 5* hotels, talking, talking, talking, about the need to save wildlife. Sickening, isn’t it? How long would these conference junkies work without pay?

Kenya policeman arrested with illegal rhino horn

Kenyan policeman, Congolese arrested with 600 kgs of rhino horn

Mozambique, SA drag their feet over rhino protection. (NA comment: Don’t forget – the CITES secretary general gave South Africa an award recently. Do you think this was poor judgement? Should one person only be allowed to decide who receives an award and who doesn’t?)

Tanzania Stems Poaching Menace (NA comment: True or false?)

New report shows corruption and abuse rife within Tanzania wildlife sector

Prince fined Rs80,000 for illegally possessing falcons. PAKISTAN (NA comment: Well done Pakistan)

Elephant Poachers “Will not Have the Last Word in Kenya” Posted by Iain Douglas-Hamilton

Tracking the demise of Africa’s elephants. extract: More than 53 000 elephants have been massacred in the last decade in Tanzania’s Selous game reserve, according to the Conservation Action Trust. That’s equivalent to one every 15 minutes.(NA comment: Despite this and the government complicity, CITES still has not sanctioned Tanzania. Is it any wonder things have gone from bad to disastrous?)

What role Fisheries Dept? (re turtle slaughter, Sabah/Malaysia – where the wildlife authorities couldn’t catch a cold much less a poacher.)

China’s temporary ban on the import of ivory is only the first step

‘Evolve new law models for wildlife protection’. INDIA

Chinese Organization Supports Fight Against Poaching

Animals Asia today launches No Voice No Choice – an international campaign asking people to pledge never to attend animal performances.

Hunting ban to be lifted. TRINIDAD and TOBAGO

Citizen Rangers Combat Snow Leopard Poaching in Kyrgyzstan

Meet the people and businesses boycotting palm oil


Man held with sambar horns

Khamenei warns against destruction of Iran’s forests

Palm oil giant buys PNG firm noted for environmental practices

APP to end relationship with security contractor over villager’s killing

Beihai clampdown leads to significant reduction in marine turtle trafficking. CHINA

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