No 367 Wildlife Trade News 26th March 2015

The daily dose of bad news … About poaching, wildlife and environmental crimes …

Comment: We suspect at least a million pounds will have been spent on the conference in Botswana. If anyone is willing to say what has been achieved, any little thing that will save wildlife, please will you let us know? i.e. has there been a commitment by China, Thailand, USA, etc to ban the ivory trade. Has CITES committed to ramping up its enforcement? Real change that will make a difference is what we are looking for. Have you seen any at the conference?

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Ivory Stockpiles Should Be Opened for Audit, Botswana Says. extract: “We have a lot of countries who are saying what they are doing about illegal wildlife trade, but what we don’t have is the proof of that,” Khama said.

“We want to see more action and less talk as well as more from the leadership,” Khama said. “We need to see more commitment from the top, saying they buy into what is being done here.” (NA comment: MALAYSIA still refuses an independent audit of its ivory hoard – which CITES seems to allow. Which means, Malaysia, like other countries, can just make up the figures if they choose to. The reports are kept top secret (why?) by CITES. What does this tell you about CITES?

No 367 Wildlife Trade News 26th March 2015

African Elephant Summit – Where to Next? EXTRACT: “Disappointing was the lack of focus on the need to reduce demand for ivory in China, the largest consumer nation and Thailand, the second most problematic consumer nation, didn’t attend the meeting. (NA comment: Thailand not attending – really? Is this a major embarrassment for the CITES Secretariat? China, we’d guessed, would be let off the hook, again.)

Questions over integrity of Rhino Trade Horn Committee – Terri Stander

Money Laundering Via Wildlife to Be Fought From China to Zambia

Kasukwere attacks animal rights activist. Government newspaper ZIMBABWE. (NA comment: If you believe anything the Zimbabwe government minister says, you may want to go and live in Zimbabwe for a reality check. That’s if you are not a CITES official, because if you are you probably don’t give a damn anyway, do you?)



Dr. Meng Xianlin
The CITES Management Authority of China
The State Forestry Administration
18E. Street, Hepingli, Beijing(100714). P.R of China
Tel: 0086-10-84239003
Fax: 0086-10-84238893

High Profit/Low Risk: Reversing the wildlife crime equation

African Wildlife Foundation opposes legalization of rhino horn trade

China’s growing social media army mobilises against animal TV show

Indonesia defends deforestation for palm oil on economic grounds, EXTRACT: Clearing forests for palm oil plantations is a “technical” matter that should not get tied up with trade discussions, an Indonesian minister told a land and poverty conference. “We know that our primary customers are not concerned about deforestation,” he said.

Asian nations, led by India, China and Pakistan, buy 55 per cent of Indonesia’s palm oil exports.

Destruction of elephant, tiger, and orangutan habitat doubles

Botswana: Extinction of Species Real

South Africa’s war over horn: day one

Big things have small beginnings. INDONESIA

Tiger Hide Seized, Five Arrested

More than 200 turtles that were found at Karachi Airport last year and the meat of over 4,000 others found in Thatta this year. PHOTO: SINDH WILDLIFE DEPARTMENT

Africa: UK Leads Global Crackdown On Illegal Wildlife Trade

Strict trade barriers to fight illegal wildlife trade

Forest dept doesn’t have funds for 6 wildlife sanctuaries. INDIA

Canned hunting is not protecting wild lions!

Lions being transported for a canned hunt. Photo: Campaign Against Canned Hunting.

Locked in cages and whipped with toxic stingray tails: The Burmese slaves forced to catch fish that ends up in supermarkets, restaurants and pet shops across America

Ivory Wars – Right Here in the U.S.

Baby elephant dies with skin frayed, feet gone, tail severed in central Vietnam

UK to provide extra £3 million to tackle wildlife trade. (NA comment: How will we ever know if this money does any good? Is there going to be any accountability and independent audit? If the past is anything to go by the answers will be a resounding NO. Nothing changes.)

Gun drills and discipline at S.Africa anti-poaching school

‘Legalising trade in rhino horn won’t save the rhino’

Pictured: The shocking moment an angry mob STOPS animal rescuers from treating abused performing elephant. INDIA

  • Indian elephant Mohan is kept in chains and is forced to beg and perform
  • Animal charity Wildlife SOS launched an operation to rescue the animal
  • But when they arrived a 300-strong mob surrounded the rescue team
  • Police were then called and the charity were forced to abort their mission
  • Mohan remains shackled until the charity can attempt another rescue

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Endangered Geckos seized by Border Force at Heathrow. extract: A large number of rare geckos which had been imported from Tanzania have been seized by Border Force at Heathrow.

Border Force officers at Heathrow’s Terminal 4 found 165 turquoise dwarf geckos which were being imported last month in a consignment of animals which also included chameleons, scorpions and frogs.

Dozens of animals rescued from circus in Maharashtra, two officials arrested

Australian zoos condemn animal abuses but won’t quit global organisation ‘We need to be in the tent rather than out of it,’ Perth zoo boss says when asked why tougher action has not been taken against rogue zoos EXTRACT: Dozens of examples of harrowing cruelty towards animals in Waza-member zoos have been revealed, contrary to its code of ethics, which demands the “highest standard of animal welfare”. The videoed abuse includes elephants being beaten in an Indian zoo and dolphins forced to jump through flaming hoops at a touring Indonesian show. At one Waza-member zoo in South Korea, a terrified baby bear was put into a tiger enclosure for the amusement of TV viewers.

Tony Guan, B.C. Antiques Dealer, Jailed For Smuggling Rhino Horns

Undercover Footage Reveals Mistreatment of Owls at Harry Potter Attraction

On-Going Pursuit of Poaching Vessel, Thunder

492 tortoises seized at Trichy airport, 5 arrested. INDIA. EXTRACT: Five passengers, who were about to board a flight to Bangkok ……

FEBRUARY 2015: ILLEGAL TORTOISES (STILL) OPENLY FOR SALE IN NOTORIOUS BANGKOK MARKET. The illegal wildlife and especially tortoises on sale at the Chatuchak market (next door to ASEAN-WEN) have been reported on more times than we can remember… let’s say dozens. Despite that and despite the fact this shop has a very suspicious “NO CAMERAS/PHOTOS” on its shop window, anyone can still buy illegal wildlife in this hell-hole of a market. Investigators will return soon to see if this current report is acted upon and the shop (exclusively tortoises) is closed down. Watch this space. The authorities can’t say they have not been told/warned – numerous times, can they?



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