No 382 Wildlife Trade News: 13th April

Another week and another dose of bad news about poaching, wildlife and environmental crimes …

in the spotlight today ……………………

Mumbai Crime: Duo nabbed at T2 trying to smuggle 183 live turtles – to MALAYSIA (NA comment: Yet again we see MALAYSIA implicated in the illegal wildlife trade. WHY? because the CITES Standing Committee and Secretariat are soft on Malaysia and even more soft on wildlife crime? Disgraceful, isn’t it? Malaysia won’t enforce the law and seemingly, no one will enforce the CITES convention. No change then. Wildlife traders must be laughing all the way to the bank.)


No 382 Wildlife Trade News: 13th April

China’s reclamation in Spratly’s destroying environment, people’s livelihood – PH—ph

Stuck in Hong Kong: 751 black-pond turtles waiting to come home. PAKISTAN (NA COMMENT: What a fiasco)

Hong Kong officials ask Pakistan to receive 751 smuggled turtles

12 Rhinos and 11 elephants were lost in Namibia poaching activities

Pakistan’s snow leopards: Both feared and sought

Interview: Saviour Kasukuwere. ZIMBABWE

One of the world’s last female tigers has been killed after she was executed in the wild

FEATURE: South Sudan conflict places wildlife at risk

Circuses are a byword for cruelty to animals. INDIA

Moving elephants SABAH / MALAYSIA extract: Former Perhilitan Kelantan assistant director Zaharil Dzulkafly said few state officials think of wildlife when they allowed forests to be cleared. He added that the authorities, especially in Kelantan, did not seem to care about wildlife. He said a former state forestry director (from another state) once asked in a conference why people needed to be bothered about wildlife going extinct, given that the dinosaurs themselves went extinct.

Sabah Forestry director named in suit over wrongful termination. extract: over wrongful termination after the discovery of 14 dead pygmy elephants.
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Taskforce in clean-up of Kelantan’s logging industry. MALAYSIA

Gods in chains: SC to decide on plea to ban elephants in temples

Gov’t takes over resort in illegal log case. PHILIPPINES. EXTRACT: CULION, Palawan—The provincial government of Palawan on Friday took over the facilities of a Chinese-owned luxury resort on an island here that has been embroiled in an illegal logging controversy.
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2 poachers killed in Kaziranga

Assam minister violates law, enters Kaziranga with firearm–49645.html

Kaziranga loses another rhino to poachers

Orangutan Rescue in the Land of the Chainsaw

A bulldozer moves earth inside the protected Leuser Ecosystem to make way for palm oil expansion. Illegal encroachment is happening at an unprecedented rate all across Sumatra and without real enforcement huge tracts of protected forest will be lost forever. Photo: Paul Hilton for OIC

Villagers fight against poaching. FIJI

Conservationist’s death not necessarily linked to poaching – colleague. ZIMBABWE

Activists in Vietnam Seek to Halt Record-High Rhino Killings (NA COMMENT: Did you ever read in the media of anyone in Vietnam being arrested for trading in rhino horn? What the authorities say and what they do are two very different things. RHINOS ARE BEING DECIMATED WHILE CITES OFFICIALS LOOK ON AND REFUSE TO ARREST THE BIG DEALERS IN VIETNAM. AND THE STANDING COMMITTEE REFUSE TO SANCTION CHINA. IS IT ANY WONDER TO YOU RHINOS ARE STILL BEING SLAUGHTERED – DESPITE CITES?

World’s Last Male White Rhino Protected 24/7 by Armed Guards

SeaWorld accused of drugging killer whales, leaving them to suffer sunburn in shallow pools and PAINTING over injuries

  • SeaWorld Florida accused of drugging its performing killer whales
  • Lawsuit alleges park’s pools are so shallow the orcas get sunburned
  • Accuse staff of painting over killer whales’ injuries and burns
  • Claims marine park use chlorine ‘many times stronger than bleach’

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Andhra Pradesh auctions hinder red sanders trade

Convicted Ivory Traffickers in Zambia Jailed 5 Years

Civet cat coffee: A delicious beverage or a case of animal cruelty?

A group of retired US vets have just landed in Africa, and their mission is to deter poaching before it contributes to the elimination of endangered species.

Credit: ViralBru
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PROTECT ALL WILDLIFE Trophy Hunters?? How hard is is it to ‘hunt’ a bloody Giraffe??? @rickygervais #BanTrophyHunting

Government neglect kills wild elephant. INDIA

Elephants are people too [or soon could be]

Roads to Ruin

Poachers prosecuted for killing langurs

Son Tra-Ngu Hanh Son’s Forest Protection Department has decided to prosecute a criminal case for the illegal killing three Red-Shanked Doucs (Pygathryx nemaeus), an animal listed as endangered by the International Union for the Conservation of Natur

61 woodcutters from Tamil Nadu who fled encounter held by Andhra Pradesh police

Economy of red sanders

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