No 385 Wildlife Trade News: 17th April

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Gabon needs to secure government stockpiles: EXTRACT: In another blow to efforts to combat ivory trafficking in Central Africa, thieves broke into a local court in northern Gabon last week and stole up to 300 kilograms of confiscated ivory, highlighting once again the need for more secure management of government stockpiles – just two weeks before a major continental conference on the illegal wildlife trade in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo.

No 385 Wildlife Trade News: 17th April

This Sad Orangutan Shares His Treats With Other Captive Primates in the Zoo (VIDEO)

SABAH WILDLIFE DEPARTMENT: Stop Exploitation of Mowgli the Orangutan

A Great Helper for Great Apes. Meet orangutan expert Biruté Mary Galdikas, who works to protect the endangered animals and their habitat

Illicit Wildlife, Gold, Timber Trade Funds DRC Conflict. (NA comment: Despite all this and more, the DRC has been welcomed back into CITES. Sickening, isn’t it?)

65 kgs of smuggled rhino horns, ivory busted at Hanoi airport

A box containing ivory and rhino horns that was busted by customs agency at Hanoi’s Noi Bai Airport on April 16. Photo credit: Dan Tri

Three rhino poached every day in SA

Baby Orangutan Saved From Wildlife Black Market

This baby orangutan was taken from a wildlife trafficker in February. (Photo: WCS Wildlife Crimes Unit)

Prince William tells EU ‘enough is enough’ over poor controls allowing poaching to thrive

TENS of thousands of rare and endangered wild animals are being traded in Europe as poor EU laws have allowed illegal poaching to thrive.

EU grants 1.35 billion CFA francs to PAGOS program. GANON: NA COMMENT: More official, robotic, jargon ’The goal is to create platforms that will allow all actors present surrounding national parks to participate fully in the management of the activities of these parks’, added the representative of the Program’

Scientists urge three nations to preserve Borneo wildlife

Park Ranger Arrested in Jambi on Tiger Skin Distribution Charge: Report. INDONESIA

Court rules deforestation of Peruvian rainforest for chocolate was legal

Poachers held with arms – rhino. INDIA

Count of unsolved cases mounts in tiger reserve

Deforestation continues in Jammu and Kashmir despite floods

7 snakes rescued from Assagao resident

Kayla the Rescued Sun Bear Goes Wild in Her New Sanctuary Home. SABAH (PHOTOS)

Poaching Gets Out of Control in Zimbabwe

NRDC Pushes Obama Administration to Finalize Ivory Regulations

Norway PM: Jokowi Stressed Environmental Commitment

President Joko Widodo welcoming Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg at the State Palace on Tuesday. (Antara Photo/Yudhi Mahatma)

Govt urged to boost its protection of Sumatran elephants – See more at:

Piano Man Joel Wants To Save Elephants, Eliminate Ivory Keys

Elephants trample forest guard to death in West Bengal

New Documentary ‘Tyke Elephant Outlaw,’ Poised to Be the Blackfish for Captive Elephants “Tyke Elephant Outlaw” tells Tyke’s story, from her obvious frustration with being forced to perform mindless tricks to the rampage that left one person dead and several more injured.

Thai government threatens to shut down Tiger Temple featured on ‘Born to be Wild’

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Forest preservation, Orang Rimba survival should happen simultaneously: Solberg

Rhino poaching revisits Kaziranga

SA loses R1.3 billion to rhino poaching

UN Crime Congress raises stakes in fight against wildlife crime. NA COMMENT: How scared about this news do you think wildlife traders will be? It will be ‘business as usual’ for them, won’t it? No previous ‘declaration’ has ever impacted their business, has it? See next report)

Africa is centre of a ‘wildlife war’ that the world is losing. A year on since 46 countries signed up to the ‘London declaration’ to eradicate the trade in horn and ivory, rhinos and elephants are still being pushed closer to extinction

UN Crime Congress 2015: Legal frameworks adequate or failing the scale of crime?

Editorial: Save endangered species, ban ivory sales. IOWA/USA

Victory! San Francisco Votes to Ban Wild Animal Performances
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Soaring demand for tyres kills rare species

What would save the forest in Indonesia?

Improve accessibility to national parks and their facilities – CM. SARAWAK
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Criticism of GAR and Wilmar African oil palm projects highlight global ‘no-deforestation’ challenges

EXCLUSIVE – ‘I’ve killed 31 today already, it’s the best meat there is’: Disturbing boom in pet cats being snatched off Vietnamese streets to be served illegally in restaurants as ‘baby tiger’ with noodles

You know about poaching, but here are other big threats to Africa’s wildlife (INFOGRAPHIC)

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