No 391 Wildlife Trade News: 24th April

More bad news – another daily dose about poaching, wildlife and environmental crimes

Exposed: Tanzania’s elephant killing fields

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No 391 Wildlife Trade News: 24th April

65 kg peacock feathers, 29 tortoises seized at Kochi airport. (NA COMMENT: wildlife and its couriers enroute to ……….MALAYSIA ……AN INTERNATIONAL HUB, STILL, FOR THE ILLEGAL WILDLIFE TRADE. Presumably criminals keep on using Malaysia because they either feel, or know, law enforcement is so poor. CITES appears not to care – Malaysia has escaped sanctions for at least 15 years.)

Officials: Sumatran rhino is extinct in the wild in Sabah – MALAYSIA

Undercover Investigators Risk Lives to Expose Illegal Wildlife Syndicates. EXTRACT: The biggest problem remains China, which has by far the biggest markets for both illegal animal products and illegal timber. The Government has not taken such far-reaching measures as the US. Newman dismissed the Chinese Government’s one-year ban on the import of ivory as a “largely cosmetic” move. Traders have told us that 90% of the market in China is coming from illegal sources.”


Police raid Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar to seize illegal souvenirs

Wildlife SOS India Addresses European Parliament about Illegal Wildlife Trafficking in India and SouthAsia

How U.S. Citizens Are Stepping Up and Helping to Shut Down the Illegal Wildlife Trade

‘Timber thieves use loopholes and illegal logging trails’. SARAWAK

Sarawak passes Forests Bill, ups penalties to RM1mil fine and 10 years’ jail

Kon Tum forests in Vietnam at risk of disappearance over illegal logging

Police probe poaching of endangered langurs for bones in Da Nang

Villagers become forest guardians as Vietnam fails to stop rampant illegal logging

Photo credit: Tuoi Tre

Four in court for elephant poaching

USAID launches wildlife crime tech challenge in VN. VietNamNet Bridge – The US Agency for International Development (USAID) has launched the Wildlife Crime Tech Challenge to reward innovative science and technology solutions that help combat wildlife trafficking in Vietnam.

Traffic Southeast Asia. An online wildlife trafficker who was caught while selling a year-old orangutan in Medan, Indonesia will face the courts soon. The trader suspected of selling a variety of protected species online faces up to 5 years in jail and Rp100 million (about USD77k) in fines if convicted. Young orangutans are often illegally taken from the wild to meet the demand for exotic pets.

China: Customs seized 1700 tonnes of red sanders, 10 arrested

China: smugglers of red sanders sentenced to prison

High demands for palm oil raises environmental concerns in Peru

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Local and national interests clash in Indonesia’s palm oil industry. Political unrest intensifies as largely autonomous district authorities put the interests of palm oil developers and investors first

Thailand Tells Indonesia It Will Tackle Illegal Fishing

ZAWA arrests 4 suspected poachers

NEW YORK TIMES: Review: ‘Gardeners of Eden’ Tracks the Killing of Elephants for Ivory

‘If It Flies, It Dies’: The Tradition of Bird Hunting in Malta and How You Can Help End the Brutality

NGOs call for extension of forest moratorium. SUMATRA/INDONESIA

In Indonesia, making REDD+ about carbon won’t help biodiversity: study

Activists target Roger Federer as brand ambassador for bank linked to deforestation

Endangered Animals: Gorillas of Gabon

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