No 415 Wildlife Trade News: 27th May

And still more bad news … Depressing, isn’t it?

Please note: Today’s news consists of current as well as recent news.

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As Animal Poaching Surges, Organized Crime Plays Bigger Role

Rhino horn and ivory trafficking may be the soft underbelly of international criminal syndicates, says law enforcement veteran.

EXTRACT: “Some of these (wildlife criminal) groups are making so much money they literally don’t know what to do with it.”

CITES is a trade treaty—it wasn’t designed to respond to organized crime. CITES meetings aren’t the right forum to sit and discuss organized crime responses; the right people aren’t in the room.

You wouldn’t appoint someone from the pharmaceutical industry to head a task force combating narcotic trafficking. So why assign a CITES administrator to lead the war against fauna- and flora- related criminal activity?

No 415 Wildlife Trade News: 27th May

Public urged to help fight illegal logging EXTRACT Illegal loggers armed with chainsaws are wiping out the country’s teak forests, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry has warned, complaining that China, a major market for illegally exported timber, is failing to cooperate with Myanmar.

Loggers load timber in the Wa region in Shan State near the Chinese border in April 2004. Photo: EPA/Barbara Walton

Over 2,000 Govt Staffers Implicated in Illegal Logging. MYANMAR

Couple caught trying to smuggle 400 rare turtles from Japan

D R Congo bans Traditional Chinese Medicine. EXTRACT The Democratic Republic of Congo has banned Chinese hospitals and practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine. While the ban has been made due to ‘non-compliance with local health regulations’ the move will certainly help endangered species across the world.

With China increasing its presence and influence in Africa there are increasing numbers of Chinese national operating on the continent and with that comes the support services including hospitals and doctors.

With 10,000 Chinese nationals in DR Congo the demand for traditional health workers was increasing.

Rhino horn smuggling ‘kingpin’ arrested

There has been a major breakthrough with the arrest of a Chinese man whom the police believe to be the kingpin in one of Namibia’s biggest rhino-horn smuggling cases.

Red sanders smuggling: Crackdown leads to arrest of more Chinese nationals More than 50 Chinese citizens have been arrested in the past few years.

Namibia: Fourth Chinese Charged Over Rhino Horns

Nairobi police arrest Vietnamese with rhino horns and lions teeth

Three-quarters of Hongkongers want ivory trade banned, survey finds. Majority favour ban on local tusk sales despite lack of awareness of threat to elephants

Cash prizes offered for solutions to wildlife poaching crisis

Watch a Freed Circus Lion Feel Real Dirt on His Paws for the First Time. An animal kept in captivity for more than a decade enjoys the simple pleasure of running. RECOMMENDED VIEWING

650 accounts partially unfrozen — MACC. MALAYSIA

26 May 2015: Officials Uncover “Mass Graves”
Of Illegal Timber in Malaysia Forest Reserve

Greenpeace Wants Probe of Imports of DRC Timber

Almost 50% Of Panama’s Timber is Logged Illegally
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Thailand and Cambodia to hold talks on preventing illegal logging

Islands in focus: 618 pieces of processed wood seized. INDONESIA – See more at:

SA considering legalizing sale of rhino horn stockpile

Pangolin scales judgment pushed to Friday. UGANDA

Stop Japan slaughtering whales in the name of science, urge wildlife campaigners

PNG Forest Minister expects REDD+ to become law

Another red sanders smuggler held

New York Blood Center Leaves Liberia’s Chimps to Starvation

Chimps losing lives and limbs to the ‘landmines of the forest’. Specialised rangers risk their lives to rid Kibale National Park of snares, which maim and kill chimpanzees, elephants, and wild cats

After losing his hand to a snare, Twig will never become an alpha male. Snare injuries can alter the natural social hierarchy of chimpanzees. Photograph: Ronan Donovan/Kibale Snare Removal Program

Kenya: Interpol Starts Hunt for Ivory Smuggler

Dolphin-hunting Japanese town may start farming them on the side

Ivory and Rhino Horn Seizure Something to Celebrate?

WCS China · May 22

Shanghai #customs seized 249kg #pangolin scales fr 9 suitcases. if 1 pangolin has 0.6kg scales, approx400 were killed

Best Practice Guidelines for the Rehabilitation and Translocation of Gibbons.

John M. Sellar OBE FRGS Anti-smuggling, Fraud & Organized Crime Consultant. What’s happening in Kruger is so much more than poaching

Feds bust smuggler, investigating illegal ivory trade. USA–Ivory-Bust/