No 447 Wildlife Trade News: 3rd July 2015

Another depressing dose of bad news from around the world about poaching, wildlife and environmental crimes …

And while at it, mainly for being asked that question many
times over in the past, I am categorically against any form
of opening wildlife trade but advocate a complete ban, so
as to avoid unscrupulous officials finding ways and means
to ‘smuggle in’ illicit ivory, rhino horn and other wildlife

And while at it still, no I do not agree with some conservation
colleagues that even ancient artefacts and museum pieces
should be destroyed. That applies to ivory too which for
generations has been in the possession of individuals, inherited
from distant forbears in whose days things were different.
Destroying those, like for instance the huge tusks at places
like Mt. Kenya Safari Club and other classic lodges and resorts,
are part of our history. Trying to erase such history, Rhodes
monument style, will not serve historical or current purposes.

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INDONESIA: JATINEGARA WILDLIFE MARKET a few days ago. In these tiny cages various primates are crammed, terrified, side by side, waiting their fate. Despite all our reports the local Ministry of Environment and Forestry (BKSDA) and Konservasi Sumber Daya Alam dan Ekosistem (PHKA) officials have yet to leave their offices to check out this hell-hole and the other one known as Pramuka.



Shutting down the trade will leave no one hungry or destitute.



photos courtesy: Scorpion

No 447 Wildlife Trade News: 3rd July 2015

INDONESIA: Thanks to intel and a little sleuthing, authorities in West Kalimantan nabbed two people with 4 protected slow lorises as they were attending a wildlife lovers exhibition. More raids are planned and the two are expected to face charges for illegally keeping wildlife. Traffic Southeast Asia

64 Star tortoises seized, man detained at airport. EXTRACT: As many as 64 star tortoises, a protected wildlife species, was seized from a man at the airport here today just before he was to board a flight to Malaysia, airport officials said. (NA COMMENT: Time and again we read reports of tortoise being smuggled to Malaysia – but we never, never hear of anyone being arrested in Malaysia for complicity in this trade, do we? CITES seem not to care – this has being going on for years.)

5 Starving Orangutans Rescued From Palm Oil Plantation and Given a Second Chance at Life (VIDEO)

Orangutan case: Rs. 5-lakh reward announced for info on accused. INDIA

Nets left by Chinese coral poachers damage sea

SUMATRA/INDONESIA Illegal forest clearing spotted in Aceh’s biggest peat swamp

Brazilian police and scientists team up to crack down on illegal timber trade

Indonesian tycoon bears responsibility for devastating mud volcano, contends new research

The trouble with using synthetic rhino horn to stop poaching

Cycling Vietnam – rhino bangles, live rhinos and sea creature love potions – See more at:

33 birds including threatened and endangered species confiscated along Apitong Street. PHILIPPINES

Indian rickshaw fetches £100,000 for wild elephants at Prince Charles hosted auction

TANZANIA: Government approach in tackling environmental crime commendable. (NA COMMENT: many will disagree.)

3 forest rangers arrested in Central Highlands timber poaching case

iSimangaliso celebrates four victories against poaching in one week

Three Odisha forest staff suspended for hiding jumbo death

Do We Love Elephants Enough to Save Them From Extinction?

Illegal logging: Minister calls for fighting foes of forests. PAKISTAN

SOUTH AFRICA’S BLOOD LIONS: BRED FOR THE BULLET™ Every single day in South Africa at least two to three captive bred or tame lions are being killed in canned hunts. And hundreds more are slaughtered annually for the lion bone trade. The Blood Lions story is a compelling call to action to have these practices stopped.

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5 Positive Signs That Countries Outside the U.S. Are Taking Action to Improve Animal Welfare

Inside the bizarre and colourful Hong Kong Goldfish Market where thousands of the bagged creatures line the walls of aquatic shops

  • The Goldfish Market at Mong Kok in Hong Kong features thousands of bagged colourful fish
  • Hong Kong is one of the leading exporters of goldfish and other tropical fish for aquarists and fish keepers
  • Goldfish are popular with residents who use them to decorate their offices and homes

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INDIA: 2 elephants die from electrocution

Mexico bans wild animals in circuses — but there’s no place for them to go