No 466 Wildlife Trade News: 25th July 2015

Weekday or weekend, the bad news just keep pouring in … more about poaching, wildlife and
environmental crimes from around the world

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Battle to save the hugging chimps: Heartbreaking story of 66 apes and a baby ‘abandoned’ on island by medical firm after they finished experimenting on them

  • The New York Blood Center set up virus-testing laboratory in Liberia in 1974 and began trapping wild chimpanzees
  • Scientists infected them with diseases like hepatitis and ‘river blindness’ to help develop vaccines for the illnesses
  • It left the facility in 2005 and cut the funding in March this year, despite ‘promising to care for the chimps for life’
  • Chimps deserted on six small islands which have little natural food and are surrounded by undrinkable salt-water
  • Animal protection charity now need £20,000-worth of donations every month to feed and care for the animals daily
  • New York Blood Center said it left after ‘unproductive discussions’ with Liberian government, during which time it incurred ‘millions in costs’

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No 466 Wildlife Trade News: 25th July 2015

You may be supporting drug dealers by buying exotic pets: EXTRACT: “If you buy, they will die. So if you are buying wild animals, you are encouraging poachers to bring more illegally trafficked animals — whether alive or dead.”

Major ivory trader arrested in Sumatra 24th July 2015 / Philip Jacobson The man was arrested in the coastal city of Bintuhan, a ‘notorious transit point’ for wildlife contraband.

Matusadona Anti Poaching Project – MAPPBREAKING NEWS

Five well known ivory poachers were arrested last night in separate raids throughout the night in different locations, the individuals were aggressive and did not give up easily, two weapons with ammunition were also recovered. Two of the poachers had escaped from a previous contact at Kapungushire and one other escaped from a contact in the Kemuraras on the valley floor some time ago, there are intensive patrols being carried out and almost a 100 percent success rate either by shooting or capture of any elephant poachers who enter into the Park. The poachers for some time have been calling the Matusadona the valley of death as a result of the previous successes. As the support we get gathers momentum we will further improve and expand operations.

Rhinos get bodyguards

USA: Magnificent Tiger Stuck In Truck Stop Prison For 15 Years

Protesters film slaughter of hundreds of whales in the Faroe Islands Seven Sea Shepherd protesters arrested for allegedly interfering in the annual hunt that they say has killed about 250 pilot whales in a day^gdneco

Graphic Footage Shows Mass Slaughter of Pilot Whales in the Faroe Islands

SABAH/MALAYSIA: Estate worker gets 12 months’ jail for causing injury to Orang Utan Read More :

Rescuing rare tortoises in the Philippines

Kenya: KWS Ivory Count to Cost Sh45 Million

INDIA: Elephant Poaching: 2 Key Men Held

Uganda’s farmers battle palm oil Goliaths for land

ZAMBIA: Game farming can improve country’s economy – WPAZ

Turks & Caicos seizes dozens of lobsters, parrotfish, conch

Camera trap nails rhino poachers

INDIA; Govts lock horns over rhino force – Dispur proposes 1000 men, Delhi 100

WWF scandal (part 6): Evictions of indigenous peoples in India for tiger tourism