Ol Pejeta launches mobile proactive map for visitors


Described by this correspondent as one of Kenya’s most complete safari experiences, all in one place, the Ol Pejeta Conservancy has been making its way back here with some frequency which left others to wonder what the deal is between us. Actually, the deal is in the innovations, the fresh approach to promoting domestic tourism to the conservancy and the range of added attractions, and safety / security measures introduced, this being the first place in Kenya to be monitored from the skies above with a dedicated UAV, aka drone. That, well reported here followed the introduction of a mobile rapid deployment unit, supported by among others Tropic Air from Nanyuki, which is sponsoring the helicopter for such hot pursuits, all aimed at protecting the prizeless rhinos and keeping them alive and well so that the coming generations of safari enthusiasts can still see these animals in the wild.

A ‘Living with Wildlife’ estate launched last year, a new restaurant to offer day visitors to the conservancy the opportunity to enjoy a decent meal without having to slug an entire picnic outfit along, and most important, a variety of birds, big and small game plus a concentration of rhinos, black, southern and northern white second to none in Kenya, have made Ol Pejeta for many THE domestic destination.

For the growing stream of visitors Ol Pejeta has now introduced a ‘mobile map’ of the 90.000+ acres estate, showing game concentrations and the way to see them. The map can be accessed on a smart phone with ease and then ‘navigated’ by clicking on the estate location, but also downloaded in PDF format and printed.

Visit www.olpejetaconservancy.org and follow the link to the map for details and once done, also browse the website for news and updates on rhino conservation, the fine properties found on the estate like the Porini Rhino Camp, the Kichche Laikipia Camp or Serena’s Sweetwaters Safari Camp, or see what Ol Pejeta’s own Ol Pejeta House or their Pelican House has to offer for those travelling on a budget. #TembeaKenya – the time is now, tomorrow and any day after that.

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