Pan African Movement supports Gadaffi ?!?


Earlier in the week did the Kampala based Pan African Movement call for demonstrations in Kampala, denouncing the UN sanctioned ‘No Fly Zone’ over Libya and the intervention by Western countries.

Singing the predictable but misplaced tune of ‘colonialism’ the Pan African Movement lost much of its credibility when throwing its weight behind Gadaffi, who now stands accused of crimes against humanity over butchering his own population with impunity while trying to defend his shrinking fiefdom in and around Tripoli. Much of Libya has already been liberated by Libyan freedom fighters, and the aerial support by coalition air forces, including a large number of planes from Arab countries in the Gulf, has effectively denied Gadaffi the option he freely used before, to bombard his own people by ‘his’ airforce and helicopters.

Here in Kampala police in fact stopped the attempt to demonstrate at the Pan African Square near the ‘Clock Tower’ for lack of permit while a police spokesperson was quoted to have said that Embassies and High Commissions of coalition members had received ‘threatening phone calls’, allegedly from individuals incited by the statements of support for Gadaffi by the Pan African Movement.

It is felt that the time is ripe for Africa to boldly denounce dictators, murderers and butchers ‘leading’ their countries. The UN Security Council did in fact recognize that mass murder was being committed in Libya by Gadaffi’s henchmen and goons and no person in his or her right mind can surely condone such atrocities. It should also be recognised that it is Libyan’s on the ground carrying the freedom struggle to Tripoli and Gadaffi’s doorstep, and that in Egypt and Tunisia the people already succeeded to throw out corrupt regimes which stayed in place by use of force. Was that too the work of ‘Western colonialists’ or the result of sacrifice and struggle at a high price by citizens of those two countries?

The Pan African Movement, and in fact the African Union, need to do a reality check on just how long they are willing to protect murderous dictators and throw their weight behind them, or stand by idle and watch from the sidelines, leaving the ‘dirty work’ to the UN Security Council and countries willing to enforce UNSC resolutions.

High time for Libya to become ‘free’ again – inspite of the misguided efforts by the Pan African Movement to keep the dictator in place.

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  1. What do you know about Gadaffi or Libya? Gadaffi has massive support in Libya as shown by numerous demonstrations inhis for ‘dictator’, did the citizens of UK EU or US give permision for their govts to attack Libya?