Park fee theft leaves national park 6 million Kenya Shillings poorer


(Posted 18th August 2016)

Reports about a major break in and theft of cash have been confirmed overnight from Nairobi, as the vault at Lake Nakuru National Park’s main gate and offices was robbed a few days ago.
A major police investigation is underway to determine how the thieves gained entrance undetected to the office while breaking the windows and smashing the safe open. Questions are also being asked what took so long to discover the break in and theft which supposedly took place on Sunday night already.
Regular sources from Kenya have suggested that the park gates are not secured by CCTV surveillance, the offices were not secured with burglar alarms and the safe may have been an ancient relict easy to force open.
Figures now circulating talk of 6 million Kenya Shillings in lost cash though it could not be ascertained what proportion of it was in Kenya Shillings and what was in foreign currency.
Nakuru is one of the most visited parks in the country, famous around the world for its massive flamingo populations but also for rhinos and the Rothschild giraffes found in the park besides dozens of other species of game.
Suggestions have been made that given the failure to raise alarms this may have been an inside job but only the ongoing police investigation can shed more light on it with several staffers being interrogated at this time.
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