Pilot escapes Cessna 210 crash in #Kiambu / #Kenya

(Posted 04th February 2022)

A privately registered Cessna 210J, 5Y-CFT, MSN 210-59179, yesterday afternoon crash landed following an apparent mechanical failure. Owned or previously owned by Kamaura Holdings Ltd. – according to a 2017 notice by KCAA – was the aircraft first flown back in 1969 and came to Kenya in 2014.

The flight, coming reportely from Naivasha and heading to a Nairobi airfield, force landed next to a road and suffered major damage after hitting a tree and other objects on the ground. The propeller was extensively damaged as was the hull of the aircraft.

The pilot though walked away from the wreck and is reportedly in reasonably good health.

While local police cordoned off the accident site have authorities launched an air accident investigation to establish the cause of the crash.

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