Rafting for Rhinos 2012 – next weekend on the Nile


Next Saturday will see the ‘Rafting for Rhinos’ race take place on the upper Nile, where corporate and individual teams will compete against each others for the honours of raising the most money for the Rhino Fund Uganda, which operates the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary half way between Kampala and Murchisons Falls National Park. ‘

In recent years more than 10.000 US Dollars were raised for the breeding of rhinos and the conservation of the species and this year too is a major cash boost expected for RFU, helping to keep the operation afloat following a hard year of inflationary pressures and increased bills all round.

Check with angie how to participate and how to support RFU and the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary or visit www.rhinofund.org for regular updates on the work done so far and the challenges ahead.

The Rhino Fund Uganda brought 8 adult rhinos to Uganda, two of which are sadly kept in an un-reproductive state at UWEC in Entebbe, where the female has turned into an exhibit instead of becoming a mother while the 6 rhinos at Ziwa, 3 males and 3 females, have now produced 6 offspring and according to the latest information received from Angie, more are ‘in the making’ already. Well done to the team of the RFU and best of success for the race and the fund raising.