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(Posted 04th May 2018)

QTIR Membership Meeting

Earlier this week were members of the Reunion Island Quality Tourism (QTIR) label invited for a meeting in the offices of Reunion Island Tourism (IRT). Thirty tourism professionals already holding a QTIR label responded to the invitation. On the agenda were, among other things, the presentation of marketing activities planned for the rest of the year.

Marketing actions: advertising inserts

Insertions advertising have not only allowed to make known the label and to make envy to the local customers to buy the QTIR labeled benefits , but also to make the tourism professionals aware of the approach.

Media communication campaigns
Media communication campaigns were carried out with the production of three 35-second spots whose main objective was to highlight the QTIR label as a benchmark. In November and December, these spots were broadcast on the two main local television channels , at noon and in the evening, before and after the newscast.

The QTIR Facebook page
The animation of the QTIR Facebook page made it possible to highlight local labeled tourist service providers as well as the exchange of information through the publication of articles, events organized by professionals or even photos and videos. As a result, the “likes” ratings increased by 28% due to games offered to the community. The page currently has over 18,000 fans !

Digital workshops

In partnership with the West, East and North Intercity Tourism Offices (OTI), digital workshops have been organized for QTIR-certified service providers. The aim of these workshops was to help them master digital tools so that their communication on digital can gain visibility.

Translation of contents

The IRT has proposed to all QTIR labels the English translation of the homepage of their website or promotional document with 500 words. Twenty local tourism professionals benefited from this offer.

QTIR’ achievements so far

Currently, the QTIR label includes 242 partners in seven different sectors of activity :

accommodation / catering;
reception / information;
cultural leisure;
craft shops;
outdoor activities ;

In 2016:

QTIR welcomed 33 new providers;
Quality Tourism (QT) welcomed 4 new providers.

In 2017:

QTIR welcomed 29 new providers and 18 renewals;
QT welcomed 12 new providers.

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