#Reunion island markets key attractions for adventure tourists

Reunion Island | The Top 3 Land-Based Activities

Reunion Island holds a variety of wonders to be uncovered by the curious explorer, and it is the unique activities and experiences that set it apart from other tropical destinations. Reunion Island is only a short 4-hour flight with Air Austral and a great visa-free option for South African’s looking for an exciting getaway.

Aquatic Hiking

Aquatic Hiking is one of the most indulged in activities offered by Reunion Island. Travellers can book an excursion through a licenced tour company that will take big and small groups of guests into the forested regions of Reunion Island in search of some of the most striking waterways and natural rock formations. Aquatic Hiking will allow travellers to not only see the natural wonders of the island but also get active and experience the ruggedly lush facets as they cascade through waterfalls, jump off cliff sides and slide bum first into nature. Be sure to check the level of experience required here for this activity as it is not for the faint-hearted!


Reunion Island boasts an array of hiking trails suited for beginners and experts alike. The trails wind across all regions and can take hikers along the magnificent coastal trails or into the heart of the island. One of the most exciting trails is the trek up to the Piton des Neiges (the highest peak in the Indian Ocean) which offers 2 – 3 days of unfiltered natural beauty and breathtaking sights. The hiking routes on the island consist of trails that consist of either an afternoon or a full 7 days and can easily be arranged with a qualified guide that will assist travellers throughout the entire experience. Curious about hiking experiences in Reunion Island? Check out www.reunion.fr for more information.


Adventure has no limits on Reunion Island as adventure seekers get to leave the surface and delve into the core of the island on a caving expedition! Caving is certainly a must try activity taking travellers into the depths of the island where centuries of natural development has taken place, leaving caverns and canopies to be explored by both armature geologists and adventure seekers. One of the most sought-after caving sites is the lava tunnels of Saint Philippe that boast phenomenal magma formations. Find out more about a Caving experience by visiting the IRT website!

Reunion Island offers something of everything for all types of visitors and will surely entice the senses of those who seek a hint of adventure mixed in with their next getaway.


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