Reunion launches new promotional series


(Posted 11th July 2016)

Web series Reunion Island

Starting tomorrow can readers interested in Reunion, until the 13th of September, follow the adventures of ten selected personalities while on Reunion island.
Produced by Endemol , the web series was filmed against the backdrop of the natural settings of the island some of which are registered as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
Beyond the main characters, viewers will discover the extraordinary range of assets and attractions of the island. The magical landscape in the misty heights of the island through the sunny beaches of golden sand and volcanic black sand on the coast, and from the primary forests with lush vegetation to the desert setting of the Plaine des Sables which looks like a landscape on Mars all forms of environments are featuring under the spotlight. of the cameras. The web series features a cast of choice with players from different areas and who interpret their own experiences as they see them. The cast of this new web series are Guillaume Nery (French champion of apnea, over 37 million views on YouTube), Jean-Baptiste Chandelier (paragliding champion, plus 7 million views on YouTube), Andrea Dabene (photographer, more than 376,000 followers on Instagram), Kristin Frederick (founder of the celebrated food truck "the truck that smokes" in Paris), Antoine Bizet (professional French freerider), Chloe Gattison (blogger influential fashion and life style), Caroline Ciavaldini (climbing champion), Fran Giffard (bird illustrator), Patrick Baud (author fascinated by the unusual and creator of Axolot) and last but not least Slimane-Baptiste Berhoun (actor, writer and director).

Each of the 10 videos is available in three languages, French, English and German and sharing the clips is encouraged to promote wider knowledge about Reunion and increase travel to the island.

Meanwhile have the hiking trail accommodation providers also been active and held their annual marketing and general meeting. This was to share experiences, fine tune marketing efforts to specifically promote hiking and mountain biking vacations on Reunion and put packages together aimed at giving tourists a range of choices, not only in regard of the difficulties and challenges of the trails but also in terms of different accommodation types and budgets. Reunion got over 900 kilometres of marked trails suitable for extended hikes and also for criss crossing the island on bikes.

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