Reunion launches new web brand identity


(Posted 18th September 2016)

This Friday Reunion Island Tourism (IRT) invite the local media to a press conference to present its new visual identity. The new theme titles ‘The Intense Island‘ wants to give a new branding to destination Reunion and portray it as intensely authentic, intensely vibrant, intensely rejuvenating, intensely spicy, intensely mixed.

(The chairman of the IRT Willy Etheve and Stéphane FOUASSIN, CEO of IRT, presented on Friday the all- new visual identity of the destination.)

The new branding as ‘the intense island‘ is accompanied by forty pictograms bespoke designed, representative of Reunion Island. These symbols of the island, the modern graphics, contemporary and universal, are assets that are the strength of the destination Reunion and will now promote the island’s unique selling points around the world.

The symbols of ‘the intense island

The creation of this new visual identity is based on three main objectives:

Presenting what the island of Reunion has best to offer with advantages of its own:
The nature, wellness, culture and gastronomy, gathered around the living together.

Allow the Reunion island to become a real brand for export which has its own DNA, its own identity and to be broadcast on all priority markets IRT.

Giving Reunion the opportunity to reclaim the brand ‘La Réunion

This new visual identity is accompanied by a new video –
that showcases the icons and the four thematic Island lighthouses: nature, culture, gastronomy, wellness. "The intense island" will be presented to French tourism professionals at the upcoming Top Resa to be held in Paris from 20th to 23rd September.

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