Reunion set to celebrate the European Heritage Days

The island of La Reunion celebrates its natural and cultural heritage on the occasion of the European Heritage Days

EHD 2016 & 2016 appointment to the Gardens


Each year, fifty countries celebrate the cultural heritage of Europe. Launched in 1991, the European Heritage Days offer a presentation of original cultural property and allow the special tour of historic buildings. This event allows the illumination of knowledge, of local traditions, the architecture or of art, with the key words, the democratization of culture and access for all citizens.
In parallel this year, the Rendezvous in the Gardens enjoying the early summer to the southern island of Reunion invites visitors to a walk in its extensive gardens. Between cultural and natural heritage, the weekend of September 16th to 17th will be rewarding. The 2016 European Heritage Days will offer a new opp
ortunity to (re) discover the cultural and natural wealth of the island of Reunion. Every year, national and regional events are organized around a specific theme. For this 33rd edition of the European Heritage Days, the theme is ‘Heritage and Citizenship‘.
The opportunity to discuss the connection between these two interlinked concepts that tell the history and the past by drawing in the present and the future.
The European Heritage Days allow you to share a common history. This year, the Creole Gardens will be celebrating the same dates with the 14th Annual Meeting of the local gardening society. Under the theme of ‘colors of the garden‘ this event offers visitors the opportunity to stroll through the aisles of Creole Gardens Reunion via the various excursions that are on offer.

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