#ReunionIsland sees six more hospitality businesses ‘Eco Certified’


(Posted 09th October 2018)

It is the most demanding ecological certification of the European market. Reunion is the first Overseas department in number of establishments labeled and to date has eight hotels bearing the "European Ecolabel" certification.

IRT, short for Isle de Reunion Tourisme, has teamed up with the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME), the French Association for Standardization(AFNOR) and Opcalia, to formally give six hotels Réunion "European Ecolabel", a label that combines quality service and ecology. This certification ceremony was held at the Nordev in Saint-Denis, on October 4, 2018, during the second edition of the Regional Eco-Business Forum.

Labeling is a voluntary process. The six hotels had to file an application and undergo an audit process to obtain this precious label in the category "tourist accommodation services", the benchmark for a more environmentally friendly and health-friendlyaccommodation, a new challenge for the destination Reunion.

After examining the application and importantly verifying compliance with the criteria, the "European Ecolabel" was issued to:

  • Hotel Mercure Créolia **** (Exsel Authentic hotels)
  • Lodge Roche Tamarin & Spa ****
  • Hotel Les Creoles *** (Sun Side hotels)
  • Hotel Le Dina Morgabine *** (Sun Side hotels)
  • Hotel Le Saint-Pierre *** (Sun Side hotels)
  • Aparthotel L’Archipel *** (Side Sun hotels)

The hand over ceremony included a

  • Welcome speech of Madame Fabienne BREE Bonin, Director Europe America AFNOR group.
  • Presentation of the European Ecolabel scheme by Mrs BOUCHERON Roselyne
  • Testimonials of certified establishments "European Ecolabel" on their approach:

– Justine de BARSONNY from the Mercure Créolia hotel : The Accor group, even before the certification process, launched the PLANET 21 Project program with the aim of having environmentally friendly establishments. Hotel Mercure Créolia is the 1 st establishment Accor certified.

– Christian WOLFF of the Côté Sun Hotels Group:

A real challenge with four hotels certified to date. The actions carried out also have the role of influencing the customers, the suppliers to think eco-label. All stakeholders with a relationship with hotels must have an eco-environmental approach.

– Julie PIERRON, Director of the Archipel *** Hotel Residence: A big challenge, this establishment is 25 years old. The focus is on the teamwork that is necessary for the success of this process.

– Eve LECHAT Roche Tamarin Lodges & Spa ****:

The only hotel not belonging to a group. This approach is part of the philosophy of the hotel and gives a reference and a goal to employees who are proud to be able to participate in everyday life. Since its construction, materials, the layout was eco-responsible.

– Patrice PETA of the Palm Hotel & Spa *****:

It is the inscription of the Pitons, circuses and ramparts with the world inheritance by UNESCO in 2010 which was the triggering element. It is the first hotel in Reunion and Overseas to be certified. The approach has had within the structure an environmental impact but also social and economic that today allows to target the ecotourism clientele. It also makes it possible to work with new agencies specializing in sustainable tourism.

Two other hotels had already earlier received their "European Ecolabel" certification :

  • The Palm Hotel & Spa ***** was the first ultramarine establishment to be certified European Ecolabel. The most demanding ecological certification of the European market. This 5-star hotel has been rewarded for its policy, especially in terms of ecological commitments.
  • The Iloha Seaview Hotel *** was the second hotel certified "Eco Flower" – tourist accommodation services "Reunion, and more broadly the departments overseas thanks to its eco-friendly approach.

To keep the ecolabel, the accommodation undergoes a follow-up audit, conducted by AFNOR Certification, every two years.

Created by the European Commission in 2003, the European Ecolabel is a unique label , officially recognized on a European scale and usable in all member states of the European Union. It enables an organization to reduce energy costs , connect the team to the life of the business , improve supplier relationships and respond to growing customer expectations for sustainability.

The four partners (IRT, AFNOR, ADEME, OPCALIA) are once again offering support to hotels that wish to do so in the process of obtaining the European Ecolabel .

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