Reunion’s photo competition ends


(Posted 26th June 2015)

From 18th of May to 18th of June this year did 55 amateur photographers participate in the photo competition entitled ‘A look at the ocean’ which was launched by the Tourism Quality label of Reunion Island (QTIR). A total of 1,228 Internet users participated and voted to elect the twenty best photos of the big blue that have allowed their authors to win one of the prizes at stake by the members of QTIR label. The competition is part of a collective marketing campaign between all tourism stakeholders in Reunion, aimed to showcase the destination as seen through the eyes of individuals, visitors and locals alike.

The winners of the contest, and the best three pictures, are showcased below:

1.Eric Malbar

2. @ Aurélie Ragot

3.Vano Picturs

4. @ Gérard Dupond

5.Johan Lauret

6.Ryan Mac Back

7. @ Alek’s Madgic

8.Anne Rita Araux

9. @ Anaëlle Julicia

10.Lili Chocomiss

11. @ Mary Lou Grondin

12. GregoryJocelyne

13.Davy Thiaw-woaye

14. @ Gaëlle François

15.Yrreiht Nineveht

16.Damien Nemo Ferrere

17.Ingrid Rebara

18.Willam Grondin

19.DiDi Pandi

20. @ Céline Mortureux

Congratulations to winners who have earned either a stay at the hotel or in a guest room, a museum visit, a canyoning outing, an overview paragliding, to dive, mountain bike downhill, or an excursion to the lava tunnels!

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