Reunion’s Quality Label brings the tourism industry together


(Posted 12th July 2016)

Reunion’s Quality Label Holders recently came together on invitation of the island’s tourism office to discuss three main agenda items.

  1. QTIR anchor the label as THE local tourism reference point, a guarantee of quality ;
  2. Invite Reunion’s inhabitants to travel across their own territory and turn them into tourist guides for their peers ;
  3. Discover, enjoy, comment and share the treasures of Reunion .

Other key areas of discussion were the success of the label and the future of this crucial quality assurance mechanism introduces by IRT some years ago:

The approach "Charming Accommodations"

based on originality, innovation and experience

Since December 2015, the QTIR label has added the qualification "Charming Accommodations" .

Small hotels, B & Bs and vacation rentals are encouraged by this qualification which aims to develop the originality and innovation to set itself apart from other standardized products. This new approach to tourist accommodation, through personalized services , can meet the expectations of new customers. This is considered to be an excellent vehicle for communication that can enhance the offer "charm" with a target audience.

Certification for accommodation of the Chinese

and Indian customers (ACIC) to better

accommodate these travelers

The Chinese and Indian visitors have consumption patterns that differ from those of the French and other European customers.Understanding these expectations and adapt to some of their specific requirements involved in the improvement of how to receive those customers. It is for this purpose that the IRT has established the CACI approach.

CACI approach allows all about structure and strengthen the tourist offer by offering quality services tailored specifically to the Chinese and Indian clients. Secondly, this certification enables reference and distinguish the professionals who met the criteria for receiving these clienteles.

Adhere to the CACI approach includes five major benefits for tourism professionals:

  1. Highlighting the professional certified by a distinctive mark on promotional documents published by the IRT in these markets;
  2. Mandarin translation of a professional presentation page by the IRT;
  3. Travel support for participation in fairs and workshops in these markets;
  4. Priority professional referenced during educational tours and press trips from China and India;
  5. Seminars organizations outreach to the chosen accommodation of the client.

This approach targets incoming agencies, classified the hotels, restaurants, recreation providers and sites and visit places which have to meet a number of criteria established by an evaluation grid .

Territorial quality parameters tailored for Reunion Island to fit into the national Qualité

Tourisme TM

Quality Tourism TM is an umbrella brand carried by France. This brand is a sign of recognition that allows customers to confidently choose a facility that offers quality services.

The local Reunion label is recognized as QTIR Device Quality Territorial (TDD) in the national Quality Tourism plan. It allows professionals engaged in QTIR approach to be accompanied towards getting the Qualité Tourisme TM certification. Since 2012, the label is available for hotels, restaurants and hotel restaurants. As of October this year, outdoor activities, cultural entertainment and guest rooms will also benefit from this service.

Notably, since May 2016, the Directorate General of Companies has established a single portal to the provide a common platform for the label.

Among other issues does it propose to carry out professional satisfaction surveys and audits based on standard benchmarks which apply nationally but also meet international criteria.

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