Rhino Fund Uganda announces new procedures for bookings of accommodation


The Rhino Fund Uganda and the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary have announced some changes in the way the organization is operating. Angie Genade, long serving Executive Director of the Rhino Fund and the sanctuary at Ziwa, shared with this correspondent some insights of her success in past years, most notably being able to double Ugandas rhino population since her arrival from South Africa from the initial 6 adults to a further 6 offspring, making a round dozen which can now be seen when visiting Ugandas only place where the endangered animals can be seen in the wild.
In view of increased workloads with administration and conservation issues on the sanctuary, and substantially increased lobbying and interaction engagements, Angie has now passed on the hospitality side of things at Ziwa to Francis Ochan, who will oversee the bookings for the guest houses, the dorms and the camping spaces PLUS take care of lunch bookings at the restaurant, while Angies husband Johan will continue to deal with bookings for the upmarket Amuka Lodge, located at a prime location on the sanctuary. Both can be contacted via johan or franchandan, with immediate effect. Bookings for rhino tracking, shoebill canoe rides, bird watching or hiking on the sanctuary remain in the domain of Angie.
The Rhino Fund Uganda is a registered NGO which was formed with the aim to bring the species back to Uganda where it has been extinct since the early 80s and the fund is credited to have accomplished not only that 2 rhinos, Sherino and Kabira are resident at the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre in Entebbe and now 12 found on the Ziwa Sanctuary but is also credited with establishing the sanctuary. This was due to the generosity of Capt. Joe Roy and his family which cleared Ziwa of commercial cattle ranching and set aside nearly 17.000 acres of land for conservation, a move which paid off handsomely for Ugandas tourism industry which now makes regular itinerary stopovers at Ziwa to showcase this conservation accomplishment. Visit www.rhinofund.org for more details and to learn how to participate, support and fundraise for this worthwhile undertaking.