#RhinoCharge2023 set for 03rd of June


(Posted 24th May 2023)



It’s all systems go as final touches are put to the 34th edition of the Rhino Charge, Kenya’s unique off-road competition, at a pristine location in the untamed wilds of northern Kenya.

A total of 52 competitor cars have been registered to participate in this year’s Rhino Charge while Camp Operators, Competitors, Guard Post Officers and Sponsors as well as well Spectators are registering on the online ticketing portal www.rhino-charge.org. The deadline for registration is Friday midnight, May 26, 2023.

The venue of the annual motorsport-cum-fundraising event, which is usually kept secret until a few days to the actual race, will be revealed next week, a few days before the event. The secrecy around the venue remains one of the thrills of the charge.

Since the resumption of the charge in 2021, after cancelling the 2020 edition over COVID-19 related concerns (the first time this happened since inception of Rhino Charge in 1989), we have witnessed a growing enthusiasm towards the event and increased support for the conservation work we do at Rhino Ark.  I feel so indebted to all those who are contributing their time and expertise to make the charge such a successful fundraising event,” said the Clerk of the Course Don White.

Last year, we raised KES 156 million. With that support, we continued and expanded our conservation programme.  These include the maintenance of 720 kilometres of fence that protect over 85,000 households from human-wildlife conflict. We have an extensive conservation education programme benefiting 178 primary and secondary schools in our areas of operation.  We have also three teams of community scouts engaged in desnaring and forest protection In Eburu, Aberdares and Mt. Kenya. Earlier in the year on 24th February, we launched the Kakamega Forest Conservation and Fencing Project in Western Kenya and have now nearly completed the construction of the first 15 kilometres of the perimeter electric fence. In addition, over the past one year, we built an additional 30 kilometres of comprehensive fence on Mt. Kenya” said Rhino Ark Kenya Charitable Trust Executive Director and organising committee member Christian Lambrechts.

The Rhino Charge has a reputation as a unique formula and one of the toughest motorsports in the world. It has happened 33 times and is an annual off-road 4×4 competition held in Kenya in which entrants are required to visit 13 points (Guard Posts) while travelling the shortest possible distance across difficult, trackless terrain, where speed is not a necessity.

Some of most salient points about the event are:

  • The event is organised in order to raise funds to support the activities of Rhino Ark Kenya Charitable Trust;
  • The event is limited to 65 teams/cars, and cars can be super-modified, modified or unmodified;
  • The location and venue of the Rhino Charge is kept secret until the last minute to maximise the challenge;
  • The Charge takes place over a period of 10 hours;
  • Each entrant must pledge and raise a minimum sponsorship fee between KES 750,000 and KES 1.5 Million to enter the event. Most entrants, however, raise considerably more. New entrant may enter with a minimum pledge of KES 300,000.


The Rhino Ark Kenya Charitable Trust supports the protection of Kenya’s water towers, and through its activities has protected the Aberdare Mountain Range and Eburu Forest, and is also engaged in the protection of Mt Kenya Forest, South Western Mau Forest and Kakamega Forest. The work that Rhino Ark does has benefits for the entire Kenyan economy.

Key dates for 2023 Rhino Charge:


  • Friday, June 2, 2023: Scrutineering (inspection of competitor cars to ensure compliance with the rules of the Charge), sealing of Distance Measuring Device (DMD) units, drivers’ briefing and issuance of competition maps
  • Saturday, June 3, 2023: The Rhino Charge
  • Sunday, June 4, 2023: Prize-giving, announcement of funds raised and competition awards


Kindly note that general information about the Rhino Charge is available online on the Rhino Charge website www.rhinocharge.co.ke

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