Running for Peace


(Posted 08th April 2015)

The eleventh edition of Rwanda’s Peace Marathon will this year take place on May 24th with three races being staged, a full marathon, a half marathon and a five kilometre group and family run.

Information from Kigali confirms that already are over 3.500 runners confirmed to participate in the event, many coming from across the wider region – an athletics powerhouse for long distance runners – but a good number also flying into Rwanda from further abroad to take part in the races.

Yesterday did a 100 day period of commemoration go underway in Rwanda, remembering the outbreak of the 1994 genocide and the Peace Marathon is one of the many functions and events created to draw attention to those gruesome 100 days from April to July 1994. Launched in 2005 by President Kagame do the races take the competitors across the Rwandan capital Kigali, visibly showcasing the progress the country has made over the past 21 years in rebuilding, earning Rwanda the byname of Phoenix, which too rose from the ashes to soar high again.

Starting and finishing point will be at the Amahoro National Stadium.

For those keen to register and get more information about the route click on

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