Rwanda aviation news – RCAA trains more personnel at Kanombe International Airport

Airport personnel at Kanombe International Airport but also staff from several airlines, including RwandAir and Akagera Aviation amongst others, were trained during the past two weeks in emergency response protocols and firefighting techniques, to overall improve the safety standards at Rwandas main international aviation gateway. While the airport reportedly never suffered of any major fire, the RCAA nevertheless felt it imperative that staff be alerted to the presence of fire extinguishers and their use, as well as in evacuation procedures to be used in case of an incident.
The training is part of a greater initiative to provide staff with added skills which has been ongoing for a while, not just in the aviation industry but the tourism sector too, both of which play a crucial role in Rwandas efforts to position the country as a desirable investment, conferencing and tourism destination. RCAA in recent years also invested in new equipment and modernizing the airport and as reported previously here an expansion programme will soon go underway to further improve and enlarge facilities at Kanombe International Airport. Watch this space for the most current updates from East Africas aviation scenes.