Rwanda aviation news – Rubavu flights go daily


In an ongoing effort to make domestic flights in Rwanda more popular has RwandAir now commenced daily flights between Kigali’s Kanombe International Airport and the municipality of Rubavu. Flights were started earlier this year, using the Bombardier Dash 8 aircraft, and demand rose so sharply in recent weeks that RwandAir felt comfortable to go from four times a week to now daily operations.

A return ticket between Kigali and Rubavu sells for Rwandan Francs 60.000, equivalent to about 100 US Dollars in hard currency but an increasing number of travelers actually now connect in Kigali, with RwandAir and other carriers, to fly beyond, sparing them the long and tiring road journey they had to undertake before flights were launched.

Meanwhile is the clock ticking down for the formal handover and delivery / ferry flight of a brand new Boeing 737-800, the first of two purchased outright by RwandAir. The aircraft is presently being readied for the ferry flight and is due to arrive in Kigali on Saturday, 27th of August. A second new generation B737-800 is then due for delivery a few weeks afterwards. Both aircraft are featuring Boeing’s brand new ‘Sky Interior’ design and are equipped with state of the art entertainment systems. On flights from Johannesburg, Libreville, Brazzaville, Kinshasa and Dubai passengers enroute to Kigali will be able to not only enjoy the latest news and films but can also see documentaries about Rwanda’s natural and tourism attractions, thus promoting the destination yet more.

Open questions remain over the fate of two leased B737-500 aircraft, under contract from GECAS to RwandAir, once the new ‘birds’ have arrived, but expect to read about that and the arrival and the naming of the aircraft in a few days ‘live’ from Kigali.