Rwanda aviation news update – RwandAir celebrates 17th Liberation Day with 17 days of reduced fares


RwandAir has commemorated the 17th Liberation Day in Rwanda in their own unique fashion by offering a 17 day period of sharply reduced fares across their entire network, from Libreville and Brazzaville via Kigali to Johannesburg and Dubai, but also from their regional destinations into network connections.

Nairobi, via Kigali to Johannesburg for instance sells during this period for USD 378, just a tiny bit more than what Fly 540 charged between Entebbe and Mombasa, and the return fare, while restricted in a number of ways, is inclusive of all taxes and regulatory fees. The Kigali to Entebbe fare was dropped to US Dollars 152, return of course too. Contact for more details or visit their website for bookings via

And as I keep saying, with such fares GO FLY!