Rwanda conservation and tourism news – Launch of new Congo – Nile Trail now set for 25th November

As of today, 04th November has Rwandas latest tourism product has been officially announced to the travelling public through media releases and the anticipated formal launch of the Congo Nile Trail is by the Rwanda Development Board will be on 25th November, with bookings already being accepted by tour operators and the offices of the RDB Tourism and Conservation division.
Stretching over virgin forest territory the new trail spans 227 kilometres and is lined by as many as 8 base camps, comprises two main trail routes and has at present four secondary trails branching off the main routes. The highest elevation along the trail is 2.630 metres above sea level and those doing the entire trail by foot, over the recommended 10 day period, will need to be reasonably fit to stand the at times challenging terrain. The trail however is for more than just hikers, as it can also be done by mountain bike in half that time or by using 4×4 vehicles which reduces the required time to as few as 3 days.
A 2 day cycling race will precede the trail launch to show just how much of an adventure the trail will provide to cyclists seeking special challenges and new venues, and it is understood that specialized safari operators will in fact offer such tours, including providing the bikes for the convenience of tourists from far away places. Visit pr and last but not least, get a little teaser by watching this video: