Rwanda conservation news update – Prime Minister at Tropical Rain Forest Summit


The Prime Minister of Rwanda, together with the Minister for Environment and Natural Resources is in Brazzaville this week to attend the head of state and government summit on cooperation for the world’s most important tropical forest systems which include the extensive rain forests of the Congo basin and the Amazon. The meeting will also launch the International Year of Forests 2011, in which Rwanda has become a major driver and force, having committed to re-forestation of up to a third of the country for the protection of crucial water towers, to maintain the micro climate in the region and to promote biodiversity and ecotourism on which the economy of the country depends.

Rwanda has raised its ‘green’ profile considerably in recent years as a result of conscious government decisions towards conservation and the protection of its environment and has been recognized as the environmental leader in the East African Community but also beyond.

The four day meeting is expected to end this weekend after days of expert and technocrat sessions with the formal adoption of resolutions and action plans by the participating heads of state and government.


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