Rwanda news update – Kigali’s new road network ready ahead of schedule


The Rwandan capital city of Kigali, proudly claiming to be the cleanest and most orderly – traffic wise that is – city in East Africa, will soon be able to add more ‘good claims’ to its name, when a new 36 KM road network is being handed over by the contractors to the city council.

KCC, the Kigali City Council – not to me mistaken with the often hapless past Kampala City Council sporting the same abbreviation – has been busy expanding, resealing and upgrading roads, including the one to the international airport, and while the works were initially due to end in late 2011, this was now brought forward to next month already as the contractors are way ahead of schedule inspite of meeting the stringent technical specifications for the new roads.

Kigali is also embarking on the implementation of a recently completed city masterplan, which will see the de-congestion of the city centre by introducing new suburban ‘hubs’, which will offer a complete range of services for business and residents alike. The vision for a ‘new Kigali’ expands in fact beyond the present city boundaries, incorporating a greater metropolitan area and setting aside specific locations for specific purposes like recreational facilities, housing, the hospitality and conference sector, residential estates and manufacturing and warehousing.

Well done Kigali, again a shining example for what can be achieved by a determined government and determined people.

3 Responses

    1. Crews were hard at work in February when I was there. The areas where the new roads are completed are a joy to drive through. Keep up the good work, Kigali!!