Rwanda news update – World Economic Forum on Africa heaps praise on Rwanda


The just concluded World Economic Forum on Africa in Cape Town / South Africa saw Rwanda singled out by a leading World Bank executive for their tireless efforts on conservation and to promote tourism as an engine of sustainable economic growth.

When launching the ‘Africa Competitiveness Report 2011’ the presenter, the World Bank’s Chief Economist for the region, heaped praise on Rwanda’s achievements in bringing local communities ‘on board’ when implementing conservation measures, creating jobs, percolating benefits to rural communities adjoining national parks and giving ‘locals’ a stake in the industry. A source from Cape Town repeated this correspondent’s own sentiments when saying: ‘Rwanda has risen like the Phoenix from the ashes of the genocide. No one thought it possible but good governance and a vision for the country’s future have made it possible. I admire the discipline Rwanda shows in conservation and how it has banned plastic bags for instance to promote a cleaner environment. Their re-forestation ratio must be the best on the continent from what was said here in Cape Town and many other countries should emulate Rwanda’s example.’

True words – Well done Rwanda!

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