Rwanda passes migratory birds protection bill


The often mentioned fact here that Rwanda indeed has conversation engrained in its political fabric was once again confirmed when it became known that late last week did parliament pass a special bill, authorizing governments ratifying the relevant global agreement to protect migratory bird species.
In fact it was learned that the countrys second chamber, the Senate, had added during the debate, such extra references as the Ramsar Convention and the International Convention on Biodiversity and Habitats to make the new law more comprehensive and not leave out crucial components of environmental protection.
The new law will cover at least 255 species of migratory birds depending on wetlands for their annual migration from Europe and deep into Asia to Africa and while many East African countries continue to aggressively drain wetlands for building of new estates and for farming, Rwanda in contrast has decided to protect them. As a result has bird watching tourism grown in leaps and bounds and is now not only taking advantage of finding birds in the national parks but also the specially created birding trails outside the parks or the shores of Lake Kivu along the Congo Nile Trail. Towards that end visit for details on bird watching options in Rwanda or where links exist to their tourism and conservation department.

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  1. The Kenya Government should borrow heavenly from such countries as Rwanda and make necessary enactment in protection of not only birds or the endangered species but all wildlife in general.

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