Rwanda remains at the cutting edge of new techologies


(Posted 14th October 2016)

Not even a year after Rwanda signed agreements with Zipline for the establishment of a commercial UAV operation in the country, primarily aimed at delivery urgent medical supplies to upcountry health centres and hospitals, is a dream becoming reality today.
It is understood from a Kigali based source that the project will officially launch this Friday from a site specially prepared to get the drones catapulted into the air before taking flight.
All regulatory requirements have been met, at least one qualified drone pilot has been certified by the Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority and all systems appear on go for another African first Rwanda will today accomplish.
Earlier in the week were two test flights conducted and delivery of supplies to the targeted health facilities was on time and right on location, clearing the way to commence commercial operations.
The event is expected to bring the global news spotlight back on Rwanda where this form of delivery services are being pioneered and a number of other African countries have already expressed their desire to enter into similar agreements with Zipline and other service providers.

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