#Rwanda starts process to attain US FAA Category One certification


(Posted 26th March 2018)

Sources from #Kigali confirmed that the multiple processes ahead of RwandAir launching flights to the United States are now underway.
Both airline and aviation facilities will need to undergo various audits by the FAA and other US Government bodies before RwandAir can attain the required clearances needed to begin flying to New York.
It may be recalled here that similar efforts by Kenya and Kenya Airways took several years to complete, in particular to reach the threshold required for the airport facilities before the airline itself could engage in seeking clearances and landing permission. In addition were in Kenya changes in aviation related laws and regulations required, all boxes which also need to be ticked in the case of Rwanda.
However, these processes are thought to be easier to complete in Rwanda given the commitment and desire to support their national airline by the top leadership.
As is the case with Kenya Airways, which needed to prematurely terminate the leases for two Boeing B787-8 Dreamliners to have the aircraft available to commence New York services in October this year, is it very likely that RwandAir too will need to source another long haul plane of either Airbus A330 or Airbus A350 make to fly directly to New York, given that the present two A330’s are deployed on key routes to Europe already and that the planned flights to China’s city of Guangzhou will absorb the wide body fleet capacity of the airline as it is right now.
Details on the likely dates of the upcoming audits and the eventual results will be published here, as and when available.
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