RwandAir looks with confidence to 2013 after a record breaking 2012


A source close to RwandAir has given indication that the airline is continuing in2013 where they ended last year, eyes firmly focused on expansion. Two leased B737-500 aircraft, introduced in 2010, will see their contracts come to an end later this year, making way for the introduction of more modern and larger aircraft as replacements, likely to be the B737-800, two of which were purchased in 2011 from Boeing.

GECAS, the leasing company, has sufficient such aircraft on order, allowing for a ‘switch’ when the ageing older Boeings are returned, to seamlessly permit RwandAir expand their seat capacity with the same number of aircraft.

The B737-500 in fact has in recent weeks been blamed on a number of situations when due to load restrictions baggage had to be left behind, making the airline a victim of its own success in marketing and selling their concept of becoming a hub airline, connecting East, West and South Africa, and the Gulf, via their Kigali hub.

RwandAir also still has two options to purchase an additional two Bombardier CRJ900NG aircraft, which however are smaller and will probably not immediately serve as replacements when the older Boeings are phased out.

Rwanda’s national airline also has two B787 Dreamliners on order for delivery in the 2015/16 financial year which will permit the carrier to commence long haul flights to destinations in Europe and Asia.

Meanwhile will RwandAir in conjunction with Brussels Airlines and Serena Hotels host a media group from Kenya this coming Friday, when SN will showcase their new cabin product and state of the art seats in business and economy class on their 4 weekly flights from Kigali to Brussels. These flights are fully code-shared between the two partner airlines with RwandAir able to sell tickets on their own ‘stationary’, giving them access to the European capital city and beyond with a wide choice of destinations across the EU and beyond.

The group will be flying on RwandAir from Nairobi to Kigali, be received and hosted by RwandAir and the Kigali Serena Hotel and then, with special permission from the two Civil Aviation Authorities, board a Brussels Airlines flight between Kigali and Nairobi to experience the new in flight feeling SN is offering to all their faithful passengers. Savoir Vivre is back. Watch this space.

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