#RwandAir seeks fifth freedom rights between #Accra and #NewYork


(Posted 12th December 2018)

Final touches were put in place for an agreement between Rwanda and Ghana at the just ended #ICAN, short for the ICAO route network conference in Nairobi, to agree on fifth freedom rights for RwandAir’s planned flights to the United States of America.
Subject to having all approvals and permits in place, is the airline aiming at mid 2019 and would like to fly their service from Kigali via Accra to New York, using a brand new Airbus A330Neo on the route – RwandAir has two of these state of the art planes on order due for delivery in Q2 of next year.
Unlike other airlines, who proposed to fly daily to the US while already knowing fully well that they would have to reduce the number of flights to a more realistic figure, will RwandAir very likely start with three flights a week, before raising the service in response to rising demand.
RwandAir is also planning to commence flights to China, very likely Guangzhou, in the first half of 2019 while further expanding both routes and frequencies of their African network.

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