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Farewell Ringo
Ringo the Rhino – Sad News
Dear Friend of Ol Pejeta:

It’s been an incredible difficult week for us all at Ol Pejeta. During the night of the 19th July, our beloved Ringo, the abandoned southern white rhino calf, passed away. Ringo had been unwell for two weeks, and despite our very best efforts, he succumbed to his illness during the night. His caregivers were by his side.

As we mourn the loss of a little rhino who had the odds stacked against him from day one, we also ask you all to join us in celebrating his life – recognising what a huge impact Ringo had on all who knew him.

When Ringo fell ill, our dedicated team of caregivers and vets ran tests, consulted specialists in South Africa and made him as comfortable as possible – monitoring him 24 hours a day. Unfortunately, raising wild-born rhinos in captivity is notoriously difficult. Inevitably, no matter how hard we try, humans can never replicate the environment that a rhino calf would be exposed to in the wild.

During his short life, Ringo inspired hundreds of people all over the world with his playful antics and irresistible charm. In simply being himself, he helped to raise awareness about the plight of rhinos in Africa. We would like to thank you for supporting Ringo, a very special rhino, and invite you to join us in carrying on his legacy.

The Ol Pejeta Team

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