#SayNo to a Golf Course in the Serengeti


(Posted 13th December 2022)


Dear Serengeti Supporter
Unfortunately, it’s true. A golf course is quietly being built right now in the western part of the Serengeti National Park. The report we received from a conservation expert who happened on the construction site said:
“Pretty outrageous really as right in a migratory path. Aside from the location, and the likelihood that it would need to be fenced to keep 1.5 million wildebeest and elephants from tearing up the fairways, the high water demands and pesticide/herbicides which would be needed are very concerning.”
Perhaps more disturbing, we received another alert that truck and bus traffic through the central Serengeti will soon be diverted north. If true, it would follow the same route as the proposed Serengeti highway, which prompted our founding twelve years ago. Watch for more on this!
More than ever, the Serengeti needs our help! And we need yours! Please help with a generous donation this year.
Thank you!
David Blanton
Why a Serengeti golf course? To lure more tourists, like this one above in South Africa?  Low impact nature tourism alone can and should sustain the Serengeti.