Seattle double daily – now which Gulf airline can that be …


(Posted 09th July 2015)

Emirates, Dubai’s award winning national airline, has just launched another flight from Dubai to Seattle, adding a second frequency on the route, operated by, what else, a Seattle built Boeing B777-200LR.

As the primary service continues to be operated by a larger Boeing B777-300ER, both flights are nonstop, will the capacity increase be some 75 percent, until demand allows for the deployment of the larger version of the B777. Emirates does operate the largest fleet of this aircraft type in the world.

Passengers from the airline’s Eastern Africa destinations of Entebbe, Nairobi and Dar es Salaam will now be able to choose from two flights if they are heading to the American North West coast.

Meanwhile will Entebbe, come October, see the current Airbus A330-200 be phased out and the larger and arguably more comfortable Boeing B777-200LR be used on the route, also constituting a notable increase in passenger and cargo capacity out of Uganda’s main aviation hub. Dar es Salaam is served double daily with Boeing B777 aircraft too and Nairobi, also served twice a day out of Dubai, has also seen a change from the previously used Airbus A340 to the larger Boeing B777. For regular aviation updates or for breaking aviation news from Eastern Africa look no further but this space.