#SerenaHotels wins global #BestPracticesAward2022 for #Kenya



(Posted 10th November 2022)


During the 4th edition of the Global Best Practices Awards 2022, Mara Serena Safari Lodge received the ‘Country Best Practices Award 2022 Kenya’.

The independent international jury recognized the Lodge for its outstanding approach to professional textile care through
eco-friendly, sustainable and energy efficient laundry services.

The appointed jury awards points to the nominees under the criteria of quality; sustainability; business model and service concept; and innovation.

Those with the highest points become the winners of the Country Best Practice Award.

Mara Serena Safari Lodge, built in the 1970s within the Masai Mara Game Reserve is not only a ‘one-of- a-kind getaway’, but a leading-edge example of how clean, renewable energy independence can be successfully achieved through the installation of off-grid Solar PV systems, to minimise negative impact in a fragile environment.